Fall Essential Oil Class

Come check out the promo video I made, for our fall essential oils class!  You won’t want to miss it….


This is a screenshot, hee hee, did I trick ya?  I can’t load it here, but come on over to our new blog to watch it, RV oilers!

You are invited to be my guest at a facebook event, an essential oils class, from the comfort of your home!  I plan to post to our Facebook event page, and you can simply read along!

Can’t wait to spend time with you!
Hugs, T



2 thoughts on “Fall Essential Oil Class

  1. Hi, so you don’t have your blog any longer ? I used to read it all the time. I loved your blog and loved reading and seeing your children when they were small. and I assume this is the same 4 little Ferguson’s right ? You do look different, and your kids of course, they have grown up so much and you have a teenager already….I can not believe this….

    I purchased some doTerra oils before but has been quite a while now, I bought some at the store and ordered some from Amazon, but I would never order them from Amazon again….I don’t feel they are the real thing…..

    I still have some Cloves I purchased from doTerra and it is so strong, I know it is the real deal….and I am now needing to order more….

    When I ordered, I did pay for some kind of membership where I could get them at wholesale price I believe it was….is this a membership, I need to purchase every year….?

    Started reading your Oil blog, didn’t finish it all, but sounds like you and your husband are doing great in your new adventure…..that’s great….

    I know. I belong to another blog and this lady sells these oils and she also has recipes too, so do I need to go thru her to get these oils or what ?

    Will wait to hear from you …..

    Glad I found you again….I still have your old emails where the kids were small, I just happen to see it the other day and I wondered what happened to the 4 Ferguson’s ? And then I was deleting a bunch of emails and saw one from you, I was exciteed….I was on here till 2:am this morning reading it….did not want to go to bed, but was getting late…..so hope to talk to you soon….

    Mona ________________________________

    • Hey Miss Mona! Yes, I only blog here to send people over to the new one now. http://www.rvoilers.com/blog We focus on sharing our travel adventures now! But this one will stay up, too many good recipes and memories on here. 🙂
      I am going to email you because I want to find out more details about your situation. You are right to not buy Amazon, doTERRA does NOT sell to them or allow sales by them, so people that sell there often have tampered with tops and added filler oils to make more money off of you. doTERRA direct is best and they give us SO many perks like free oils, points back to go shopping with, free shipping and more.

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