New Digs!

So its very very very hard to find a place to stay in southern Florida in the winter….we knew we might have to do some RV Park hopping.  Not the end of the world, but annoying none the less. And the next closest RV park with openings can be hours away, not condusive for running over for a quick minute to help with dads care.

And the Lord moved mountains again, for us to stay at the RV park closest to my dad’s house for the next MONTH straight.   Thank you, Jesus!  We are less than 3 miles away!!!!


Come see our new digs

Hugs, T

LIVE Class Today!

Today is our LIVE Facebook class, come hop on and learn with me!

ffam bam

Just quickly print, or digitally download our class paper, so you can follow along and take notes if you’d like.

Try your best to be at our LIVE class, but know if you already have plans, you can hit it on the replay.

Live class December_1

Prizes will be give out to LIVE participants only, so set your calender!

Class location:

See you there! Hugs, T

Homework Part 2

Are you still with me?  I am so excited to educate and empower you to know more about natural solutions for you health!

The second part of your assignment today, is to watch 3, very short and VERY awesome videos to better inform you about doTERRA essential oils before you come to class Saturday, 11am EST.

Simply click on the link to be taken to you tube to watch this short video.  It will be opened in a new tab so you can come back and click the other two as well.  Each of them is only a few minutes long…..

Welcome to DoTERRA 

What is an Essential Oil?

Why doTERRA?

Even if you can’t come to our Natural Solutions Facebook class (waaaaah!!!!) you can watch these videos!!! They are that good! 🙂

Hugs, T

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Homework Time!

     So you have a WEE bit of homework to do before our class this Saturday, at 11pm EST.

Wait, don’t shut off this blog post yet, it’s EASY, I promise!

  PRINT OUT, or download, a digital copy of this class for you to follow along with on Saturday, December 9th at 11am EST!  You’ll want to take notes, so be sure to get this done!! 🙂

See you then! I am so excited to teach you more about these oils that have radically changed our lives!  I am also giving away great prizes to those participating LIVE…..

 Natural Solutions Hand out

It all takes place on our event page:

 Cannot WAIT to teach you all about these beautiful little gifts of the earth, that bless my home every day!

Hugs, T

You Are Invited

I’d love to invite you to join our event page, for some awesome, read along facebook essential oil classes.

This month, you are in for a treat…..

I don’t want to delete the Surviving the Holidays class we just did, because there are a lot more holidays left for your to survive, so I am ADDING to the page, a LIVE class.  YAY!!!!!!!

Live class December_

Put it on your calender for this Saturday, and I’ll see you then!

​Hugs, T