BOGO day 3: Cardamom & Cilantro

Welcome to BOGO day 3!

Buy a Cardamom and get a Cilantro for FREEEE.

$70 worth of oils for $26!!!! WOW!!!!!!

I’ll also be sharing tips and tricks for using the BOGO oils throughout today on our RV Oilers BOGO page!

Remember this:

Cardamom = Healthy Digestion and Respiration

Cilantro = Cleansing and Detoxifying.

Both AMAZING in cooking!  Caradmom is a warm spice, great in hot drinks.  Cilantro, well, do you eat guacamole and salsa? Add a toothpick dip of cilantro oil and it tastes like you went to the garden for the REAL stuff. (add lime oil too) YUM! 🙂

I’ll post a video in post 2 today, stay tuned….. 🙂
Hugs, T

I adore hearing from you, comment away! :)

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