LAST DAY OF BOGO! Digestzen and Slim and Sassy

Last BOGO of the week and it’s SUCH a great one! These are DAILY USERS at our house!!!

Digestzen = Happy digestion.
Slim & Sassy = Happy metabolism.

If you care about your gut health (and you should), you’ll be thrilled to learn more about these two! Your gut health plays a huge role in digestion, immunity, and emotions!

$75 value, yours for $33 today only!!! WOWOWOWOW


💧Aids in digestion of food (take with you in your purse for dining out)

💧Eases feelings of queasiness

💧 Great for little ones during times of stomach upset

💧Helps reduce bloating/gas

💧Add to water or tea to help maintain healthy gastrointestinal tract

💧Helps reduce occasional indigestion

💧Have on hand during heavy meals

💧Take Digestzen when traveling or flying for queasiness

💧Rub a dab around the belly button to open sinuses

💧Massage over sinuses to soothe and relieve

SLIM & SASSY Common Uses:

*Appetite Suppressant




*Weight Loss

*Blood Sugar Balancer

*Mood lifter

*GI Tract Soother

Apply on wrists, bottoms of the feet, or an area of concern.

Smells wonderful in the diffuser. Uplifts the mood and helps take away the munchies.

Add to water and drink between meals.

Slim & sassy oil is designed to help control hunger and limit excessive calorie intake. The oils in this blend are calming to the stomach and work to improve emotional well-being. This blend is most effective when combined with exercise and healthy eating.

If this sounds like something you could use in your life! Leave a comment, I will order for you and email you for shipping & payment info.

Hugs, T

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