Our Bestest Baker

If you are here from our previous blog, the 4 little Fergusons, you know we have a dear dear blog friend named Mrs. Baker.  Her blog is the Better Baker!  Clever, right?!

We became blog friends and she decided she wanted to come meet us, so in 2012, that is precisely what she did.  We had a grand ol time!
We have kept in touch and seen each other much more often, now that we are mobile and can go see her in Ohio AND in Florida, depending on the season.

We were thrilled to hear she would be coming to visit us again! 🙂  Boy, how things have changed since last time…..

New blog post today: Our Bestest Baker

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Hugs, T

Lake Weekend Away


We had the most AMAZING weekend away!  Yup, even when we are “home” we like to travel. Haha, guess it really does become a normal part of life, because we didn’t even think twice about it until a few of you teased us about leaving again so soon.  🙂

I am sharing all our pictures today, from Mother’s Day weekend, on the RV Oilers blog:  Lake Weekend Away

See you over there! Hope you had a lovely Mother’s day celebrating your Momma and stand in Momma’s in life!

Hugs, T


You Are Invited!

You are invited to a read along, Green Up Your Life facebook class!!!

This is the class we have been working up to!  🙂

read along class invite


 Read along at your own pace, TONIGHT, May 14th at 8pm CST from the comfort of your home.  A new post goes live every 3 to 5 minutes.  Prizes will be drawn from those participating at our class and commenting!

The rest of the month, we continue with our education in images and videos.

It all happens right here:

  We are going to have fun!  🙂  And YES you may always invite friends and family too.  The more the merrier!

Hugs, T

Green Up Your Life: 3 Ways to Use Essential Oils

There are 3 ways to use doTERRA Essential oils to green up your life.  Watch this video and then head on over to our class page to join the fun!

We have an entire MONTH of interesting facts, videos and learning planned for you.

You can live better, choose better and feel better with doTERRA.  I am here to help you every step of the way! 🙂

Hugs, T

Green Up Your Life: Laundry Room Edition


 We are taking May to focus on GREENING up your life!  Today, on the RV Oilers blog, we are talking about the SWEETEST room in the whole house, which is actually the most TOXIC……

​ Your LAUNDRY room!

Green Up Your Life: Laundry Room Edition

I have made you a video FROM my Laundry room and it’s all over at the RV Oilers blog.  Come learn with me!

Hugs, T

Green Up Your Life: Sunscreen

We are focusing on GREENING up your LIFE this month!  Today, I want to talk to you about the dangers that hide in your current sunblock!

Plan to come on over to our class page and learn how to make this silky, gorgeous, homemade sunscreen that WORKS amazing, and is safe too!  We will cover ALL this during our month long, Green Up Your Life Class.

New blog today – Green Up Your Life: Sunscreen


We have a natural alternative to everything you are currently using!!!  Yes we do!

I have recipes, shocking facts, fun videos and more planned on our FB Class page.  You can join the fun here!



Hugs, T

Green Up Your Life: Insect Repellent

  We are Greening Up Your Life this month with some awesome posts on our FB Class page!  I hope you will come join us!  Easy, read along, learn at your own pace facts, videos and tidbits from MUAH!  🙂


  Today, I want to talk to you about about the dangers of BUG REPELLENT!!!!!

  Your skin is your largest organ, that means your body is DRINKING up everything you put on it! YIKES!

Have you ever read about the dangers of DEET and over the counter bug repellents?

  Come on over to the RV Oilers Blog to learn about a HOMEMADE, NATURAL, SAFE insect repellent we make ourselves.    We use this on our kids, ourselves and even our dog.  Smells amazing and we sure love it!!!!

New blog today – Green Up Your Life: Insect Repellent


Hugs, T

Green Up Your Life with doTERRA Essential Oils

  Nothing feels as comforting and welcoming as a tidy, well-tended home. But a clean home isn’t necessarily a healthy one.

The average American welcomes more than 1800 toxic chemicals into their home in the form of sweet smelling laundry soap to powerful cleaners, candles, personal care products and more….

Have you ever been curious about green living and creating daily healthy habits?

We have a safe counterpart to everything you are currently using!


  Join our Green Living with Essential Oils FB class. It all starts May 1st and I’ll be your teacher! 😁🌱 Come on over! I have daily posts, shocking facts and fun Ferguson Boomerang videos to share with you! 🙂


  Read along class night is May 14th, 8pm CST,  SAVE THE DATE, but we have tons to share before then, so click the class page link today!

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