Green Up Your Life: Sunscreen

We are focusing on GREENING up your LIFE this month!  Today, I want to talk to you about the dangers that hide in your current sunblock!

Plan to come on over to our class page and learn how to make this silky, gorgeous, homemade sunscreen that WORKS amazing, and is safe too!  We will cover ALL this during our month long, Green Up Your Life Class.

New blog today – Green Up Your Life: Sunscreen


We have a natural alternative to everything you are currently using!!!  Yes we do!

I have recipes, shocking facts, fun videos and more planned on our FB Class page.  You can join the fun here!


Hugs, T

2 thoughts on “Green Up Your Life: Sunscreen

  1. Just read a couple of your blogs, love the info on the recipes for using the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate….sure putting this on my next order….just rec. my diffuser and couple more oils….haven’t used the diffuser yet, seems I have several oils, but not the ones I need for any recipe I have tho….what is the oil that smells like licorice….and what is it for again? Where did you say I could find the different recipes for the diffusers?
    Love reading your blogs, but I believe you said this one was #3, so I have missed the first 2, are they still available to read? How long do you leave them up for people to read?
    All your recipes, and all your things you write about, don’t you have an archive that we can go to and just put in the Search bar what we are looking for and read at our leisure? Maybe you do and I’m just not aware of it… let me know please….thanks Tonya…..

    • Digestzen is the oil that smells like licorice. Good for all things tummy! Going to often, not enough, nausea, overeating, all of it!

      In the Q&A facebook page, you will find a photo album recipe folder with TONS of diffuser ideas and recipes for sickness.

      I am blogging on our new website: now, so this one is just a teaser because the blog readers asked for a post here to lead them there. (no subscription option over there)

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