South Florida Sunshine

After an emotional exit from my dad’s farm, we headed south for some fun in the Florida sunshine!  The sunsets took my breath away!

New blog up today over at RV Oilers: South Florida Sunshine


Thanks for all your sweet comments yesterday. They made me smile! ❤

Hugs, T


Hey there, ‘Bama

  We arrived in Alabama, first time ever to actually STAY here instead of pass through, and I feel like we are parked at Old McDonalds Farm RV Park.  We have never stayed at an RV park with it’s own petting zoo, it was DARLING!!!!


Sophie went head to head with a goat, I think the goat won, but come on over and check out our Alabama trip on the blog today:

Hey There, ‘Bama

Hugs, T

And We Are OFF!

We are off for the summer!  On the road once again…..this time until fall.

We plan to go east coast and up north.  We have great things planned like Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, Yorktown, Jamestown, Philly, NY city and MORE!  I am SO excited to be traveling again after a really difficult year last year. ❤

First up, Branson, MO! 🙂

New blog today: And We Are OFF!


Hugs, T


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