4 Oaks Academy 2018-19

We started back to school again this week!  It was a smooooooth transition thank goodness, we are pretty established in our roles and routines by now, our 5th year of doing it.

Come on over to the blog to see the kids back to school pics and where and how we school when we are between RV and home sweet hub:
4 Oaks Academy 2018-19

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Is It YOU We Have Been Praying For?

  Do you LOVE to share what you love?

  When you find something that works for you or your family, do you find yourself naturally talking about them or suggesting them to others? 🙂

If so, then you could be a natural oil SHARER!!!

It’s simple to turn a love of safe, natural essential oils, into INCOME……

*Step one, get doTERRA oils in your home.  I will help you pick a kit and educate you every step of the way!

*Step two, fall in LOVE with them!  Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks!

*Step three, be a product of the product.  You can’t share what you don’t use.  Using doTERRA is an affordable way to green up your home, and better your health, while also improving your financial situation.

Watch this Business Overview to see if you could do more with your passion for helping others, and bring in some awesome income for your family.

Free oils, debt paid off, financial freedom, a spouse home from work, more vacations…it is all possible.  DARE TO DREAM BIG! ❤

Dale and I are living breathing proof that doTERRA is the vehicle to dreams come true, thank you Jesus! Dale retired from insurance at age 34 and has been home with us ever since.  We experience life together, all as a family, are healthier than we have ever been, and live financially free!

I want to share a video today, of Dale and I going over all the ways doTERRA blesses those who share oils!

Before watching the video, please print off or download the Build Guide so you can follow along:


Any questions? Drop them in the comments below!

We are always praying for people to run this race with.  We genuinely want to see you healthy and financially healthy as well.  Is it you we have been praying for?

​Hugs, T



Pineapple Clothing Co.

I am so excited to be reviewing Pineapple Clothing Co. on the blog today! And I have a discount code just for you!!!

Looking for cute yoga pants and a matching bra for your next work out?

Pineapple leggings

Love yoga pants for comfy home clothes?

How about a darling matching mother daughter yoga pants?

lemon pants

…..Or matching dresses for upcoming wedding/family photos?

Come on over to our RV Oilers blog to check out: Pineapple Clothing Co.

100% Made in the USA!!!

Shop here:


Snag your 20% off code from RV oilers blog before you check out!!!!


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Back to School with Essential Oils Class

It’s that time again, Back to School!🍎📚

And with Back to school comes back to……..🤧🤒




Want to learn how to use safe, natural remedies for health PROACTIVELY? Want to stop passing around the junk this sick season?

Join our Back to School with Essential Oils Facebook class!

Grab a pencil and notebook and be ready to learn about essential oils to support a happy, HEALTHY, school year. We will be posting lots of great info and tips this month. You can join in and ask questions anytime!!!!

I will be posting recipes and ideas for health DAILY, so head up to the back to school photo, and use the drop down to select “see all notifications”, so you don’t miss a thing!

Plus a read along class August 6th and a FB live class alter this month! 🙂

This page is open to anyone, so please, feel free to invite your friends and family as well! 🙂 EVERYONE needs doTERRA essential oils in their life! Come on over!

Themed class page


Hugs, T