A Little Slice of Paradise: Hawaii Bound

Woo hoooo!  We have been wanting to go to Hawaii and the LORD provided!  We are heading for tropical paradise with doTERRA for the Blue & Presidential Diamond retreat.

We haven’t been since 2002 when we were newlyweds!

A Little Slice of Paradise: Hawaii Bound

Hugs T



Ferguson Family Unfiltered 2018

I asked the good, the bad and the ugly about year 3 on the road…….

We all decided there really is no ugly, not with such a shiny new to us home, haha – so we will go ahead and do our tradition around the dinner table of sharing the Good, the Bad and the Blessing of our day, or in this case, our fyear.

Head on over to our new blog to read on…… Ferguson Family Unfiltered 2018

Hugs, T

FREE Weight Management Class

If you are anything like me right now, you are regretting all those holiday goodies you nibbled on.  I am more sluggish and I can tell all the holiday snacking and late nights are catching up with me.  TIME TO RESET!

You are invited to join me for a FREE Weight Management Class!

We will be sharing info on –
1. Changing your attitude
2. Exercising
3. Resting and managing stress
4. Improving your diet
5. Reducing your toxic load
6. Yummy lean recipes using convenient shakes
7. Powerful natural weight loss tools
Besides our class, we are offering recipes and info EVERY DAY, all month long……
Cheers to a healthier, skinnier you! 🙂 Hurry! The educations starts NOW.
Hugs, T