Essential Oils for Pollen Relief

  🐝You are invited to our Essential Oils for Pollen Relief Facebook Class!🌸

Your key to overcoming the itchy, sneezy, watery, congested season to come.🤧🥴😭

📅Our month-long class will cover some of the following topics.
Essential Oils for….

🌼Seasonal Allergies
🌷Congestion and Runny Noses
🌼 Itchy Eyes
🌷 Dry Throats
🌼 Easing Coughs Naturally
🌷 Restful Sleep
🌼 Soothed Skin
🌷Keepings Bugs At Bay
🌼 Energy To Keep You Going
Plus A Wealth of Tips and Recipes!

Each day we will educate you on a particular oil or helpful oil infused product, then teach you how to use & diffuse as well!

 It all happens here: Themed Class Page

Hugs, T 🌼🐝🌷


I adore hearing from you, comment away! :)

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