Bye, Florida

It has been a fun winter and time has flown.  It’s time to say bye to Florida for now!   WAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the “one last times” on the blog today.

Hugs, T

Easter Time

Did you have a Happy Easter?  Celebrating a risen Saviour with you and sharing our Easter weekend on the blog today.

Some families dye eggs, we usually do, but this year we picked something different…..  😉

Come on over!

Hugs, T

It’s All About the Brow

Brows are back, baby!

I have always been blessed with long eyelashes, and at one point, nice thick eyebrows, but alas, as a teen of the 90’s, it was NOT “in” to have bushman eyebrows.

IN FACT, we paid perfectly good money every month to have our brows waxed into tiny little strips and drew the rest in!

Time to fix that….

New blog today: It’s All About the Brows!


Come on over, let’s chat microblading and powder ombre brows!

Hugs, T