Big Picture Parenting

  We don’t claim to have this thing they call “Parenting” all figured out.  But we have learned a lot as we have tried, failed, tried again, succeeded and learned lessons along the way.  

  This page is dedicated to parents out there, trying to raise kids God’s way.  Trying to keep their children IN the world, but not OF it.  

  From one parent to another, this is a tough job!  Hopefully this page will encourage you, and give you some new ideas or perspectives on raising your family up in a way that pleases God.

  We’d love to see your house go from THIS:Fighting Fergusons

To THIS:2-4-little-Fergusons_thumb.jpg

After all, brothers & sisters are BEST FRIENDS!  Right?  

RIIIIGHT!?!?!??!?!  🙂

Teaching & Instructing

Teaching Your Kids About Money

The Benefits of Family Dinner

The Yell Jar

Teaching Our Children to Pray

Train Up A Child

Planting Purity

The Birds & The Bees

Cleaning House {With LOTS Of Help!}

8 Ways to Cultivate Peace at Home: Fighting Busyness



Starting Discipline: Parts 1, 2 and 3

Tips & Tricks

Operation Big Boy Bed

Potty Training Readiness Signs

Path To Success: Using Sticker Charts to Motivate

Limiting Media

Mommy, Reading Makes My Brain Strong!

What Are We “Feeding” Our Kids?

Required: Nap Time & Quiet Time

Dear Mom On the iPhone

Re: Dear Mom On the iPhone

Dear Dad on the Recliner

Telephone Etiquette 

Natural Remedies

Sniffles & Coughs & Pukes, Oh My!

Natural Remedies From A Naturally Minded Momma

Let’s Talk Shop: Mommy Shop!  {Tips for Laboring Naturally}

Just For Fun

Full Contact Eating: 11 Lessons to Determine If You Are Ready For Parenthood


8 thoughts on “Big Picture Parenting

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  2. Wonderful idea! How I wish I would have had as much understanding, wisdom and insight into parenting when you kids were growing up!! Can you imagine you turning out better than you already did?!? LOL! Seriously Tonya, I am so proud of you and doubly blessed to be your mom. I come to the blog daily…with excitement and anticipation to see what’s new in your world. And even if I already knew the story, your way of putting it into words always has me laughing…crying…cheering…or just smiling…again!! Love you dear! Keep up the great work; God is using you in a mighty, mighty way!!! ❤ mom

  3. I love this picture of your kids all dressed up sitting by the trees… is a beautiful picture and your kids are so adorable… you blog too…..I think I have said this before LOL…..

  4. I am a single mom of almost 3 year old twins. Luckily I am blessed and am living with my parents. We had just started to experience what I call the screaming meanies. And was even more blessed to stumble onto your blog through a foodie site. What you said made perfect sense so I started doing it. I let them know that I and their grandparents expect them to do what they are asked the first time. And if it is not done I swat a chubby thigh. I have not had to swat anyone in a week. There are far few tantrums and dinner is peaceful rather than a war zone. Thank you so much for writing your blog!

    • Great job, Momma! Keep up the good work! 🙂 I find that once we establish boundaries and stick firmly by them, the pushing and trying in those areas gets to the point where we don’t even have to address them, or discipline for them! The more work we do early on, the easier it is as they get older. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I know you must be VERY BUSY!!!!!! 😉 We call them “Trying 3’s” at our house and we find them much worse than 2’s. Paxton, my youngest, turns 3 in August, so I am right there with you girlie!!!!

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  6. HELP! I love your blog and have used so much of the advice you give. I am at my wits end though. For several weeks were doing great at my home during dinner time and now it has disintegrated! My daughter has started to play with food, refuse to eat and be an all around monkey at dinner time. Her brother sadly will be doing great but because sissy is getting attention (even bad) he starts to mimic her. It frustrates my parents so much that they won’t invite people over for meals because of their behavior. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • When meal time becomes a battle, we have to look at the hours before dinner:
      Did they get to run their energy off after school and before supper?
      Our school kids get zero tv time until the weekend, because I want them to run and play after sitting in school all day. The little kids get an hour in the morning, so its not a problem after school, they are all ready to play together.

      Did they have too much snack?
      We try to cut off snack time by 4, even if it feels short, so that they will be hungry for dinner. You could set out a plate of snacks like crackers and cheese with apple slices so that you can control the portion and make sure they aren’t getting too full.

      Are you ready to follow this up with discipline? Saying something like, “In our home, we sit quietly and eat with good manners, like this….if you do not behave, you will be removed to this table here, to eat alone.”
      You could start a dinner time sticker chart for good behavior and reward with a cake or pie at the end of the month or however long it takes to fill their chart for good manners and eating.
      For negative behavior, set up a small card table and single chair facing the wall in another room, but close enough for you to keep an eye. Tell them its a table for children who have no manners, they don’t get to eat with the family anymore until they are ready to behave. It’s no fun to act up in no one is watching, and I bet they will soon be back to enjoying meal time with you all.
      For us, if this behavior still doesn’t change, we remove from the room entirely to spank their bottom. I know not everyone agrees with this line of action, but at our house this works so well, we rarely have to spank anymore. They know their boundaries well, and all I have to do is tell them they have 2 choices: Change the attitude or I will change it for them.
      Good luck! Keep me posted! 🙂

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