Fall Run: Illinois & Ohio

Time for our FALL RUN!  It’s so exciting to be back on the road again, our first trip as a whole family in the new RV….

First stops, Illinois and Ohio!

New blog post today – Fall Run: Illinois & Ohio

Hugs, T



Home Sweet Hub: Update

I realized the other day, when someone asked to see pics of our home sweet hub, aka our shed house, that I had never blogged the finished or almost finished product.

I got to thinking of the timeline and then it hit me, we finished it up, got ready to settle in for our first fall and Christmas there, and then got the call about my dad not doing well.  We loaded up to go live in Florida until further notice, came back for his funeral the week before Christmas, and then well, healing and life.

Better late than never….here you go!

New blog today: Home Sweet Hub: Update

Enjoy the tour!  Hugs, T


Family Photos 2018

 While we were home, we decided (read that TONYA decided) it was time for some updated family photos.  The gal we usually use isn’t doing much photography lately, so we tried someone we met at a family wedding.

  I dug around in the laundry room closet to see how close I could get to matching us all without shopping.  My goal is always a few textures or patterns with several colors being pulled from one of them, but times 6 people, it can be HARD!

Our pics are on the blog today: Family Photos 2018


Hugs, T


4 Oaks Academy 2018-19

We started back to school again this week!  It was a smooooooth transition thank goodness, we are pretty established in our roles and routines by now, our 5th year of doing it.

Come on over to the blog to see the kids back to school pics and where and how we school when we are between RV and home sweet hub:
4 Oaks Academy 2018-19

Hugs, T



You can get TWO FREE OILS this month!  Woo hoooo!!!!!

Let’s get a kit picked out and get those oils coming. Message me or leave a comment and we can chat!


Anyone enrolling with us with a Home Essentials or Natural Solutions Kit before the end of July, will be given 2 free oils from doTERRA and a cashback bonus!!!! $$$$$  Message me for details.

We are pushing hard for a goal and we want you part of our oil family!!!!  🙂

Hugs, T