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Another great way to save money with doTERRA, is the *Loyalty Rewards Program.


This is for people who want to shop more regularly, and continue to build their oil stash….

  DoTERRA pays for shopping by giving you the 3 P’s:

  1.   Having 50 pv in your cart means you get points to spend on future orders.  
  2.   Having 100 pv in your cart, means you get points and a paycheck.  
  3.   Having 125 pv in your cart, means you get points, paycheck AND the free product of the month.  (They give out all oils, from low priced to high end, $100 ones!!!)

All this, just for shopping with doTERRA regularly, and also for referring friends!

doTERRA takes such good care of us, because the longer you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, the more credits you can earn—up to 30% of your total monthly LRP purchases.  What that means in lay terms, is that last month I spent 100 of my earned points, and got $100 worth of free oils, only paying shipping and a small fee.

  Um, YES PLEASE!  Did you know, as a Loyalty Rewards member, they also give you 100% of your shipping costs, back to you in free points for free oils.  NICE!  *This applies to first time kit orders and loyalty rewards orders only.  Otherwise it’s 50% back.

Again I will say, this is not a required program when you become a member, but if you are going to shop anyways, it’d be foolish not to earn points and free oils.  I cannot WAIT for my oil order to come each month, so we can restock, try new things, AND so I can see what free oil they sent this month.  This company is not stingy, they send out the expensive oils as freebies, too!!!!!!

Yes, you can start or stop Loyalty Rewards at any time.  If you stop the program, be sure and cash in your Loyalty Rewards Points first or else they will be forfeited.  Keep in mind, if you stop the program and choose to start again, you will begin at the 10% level, which stinks if you made it to 30%!!!!!  It’d be smarter to buy one little thing and stay active, then to lose it all together.

I didn’t sign up with doTERRA to sell the product, rather, I went into it knowing I would be a consumer only. However, because I love to talk about things I LOVE, I am currently earning about $250 a month with doTERRA.

This is paying for my monthly oil order, as well as an extra bill or clothes for the kids.  Praise the Lord!

The business side of DoTERRA works on a power of 3 set up, I sign up 3 girls and get $50 a month, I sign up their girls with 3 girls each, and I get $250 a month.  My goal for 2015, is to get THEIR 3 girls 3 girls, so that we can reach $1500 a month. That part can be reproduced again and again.

Goal 1 goal 2 goal 3

The oils really do just sell themselves.  All I do is put info out there on social media, about what we used that day, or which recipe is in my diffuser, or offer advice to a frazzled, non sleeping Momma now and then.  Thankfully, more and more people are realizing how flawed our health care system is, and are leaning more towards natural remedies again.

I am going to stop for today, please feel free to ask any questions you have about signing up, and or the Loyalty Rewards program, in the comments section, and I will do my best to answer promptly. I am also going to link a video so you can hear this in another persons words.

If you still aren’t sure about how this all works, please take a look at this video:


Sickie Soup and Sweet & Spicy Magic Syrup

  You don’t feel good, but you still have to fix supper for your family. What do you do?  Crawl out to the kitchen, yes totally done that before, and you make Sickie Soup!  {Aka Chicken and Rice soup}

  Don’t grab that can of Campbells, this soup is soothing enough for your upset tummy, but hearty and tasty enough, that the healthy people in your life will enjoy it too!  Full of lots of good fresh garlic, which is great for your immune system!

Thank the Lord we are all healthy at this house, and I hope at your house too, but I wanted to for sure re-post for easy finding this year!

  Follow the link to grab the recipe from the original post:

Sickie Soup


Next up, Sweet & Spicy Magic Syrup. I give this recipe out SO much on facebook, and in the Mommy groups I am part of.  It works like a charm, every time.  I kicked Strep with it last winter, when I ran out of herbal remedies to fix my owie throat.  I was struggling to swallow my own saliva and this kicked it in 2 days!!!!

  This syrup is great for boosting immunity, quieting a cough, and numbing a sore throat.

Sweet & Spicy Magic Syrup

sweet & spicy magic syrup for coughs & sore throats

Get well soon!
Hugs, T

(Great, now that we hugged, I have to go wash your germs off……)     ;)

7 Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

  It’s that time of year again! Cold and flu season.  We have some new great things we are using in the Ferguson household, that have taken us from $100 a month herb and homeopathic shoppers, to not buying any at all.  Only homeopathics I plan to keep on hand now, are Osoccillo for Influenza and Hyland’s Earache Tabs.

  I am gearing up this week to share with you my new passion and love for using essential oils to heal from the comfort of our home. There is nothing more empowering as a mom, to know that I am prepared for just about anything in one simple box of oils.

  THAT my friends, is a topic for a whole nother day. Stay tuned, coming this week and next!

  For now I want to send you over to revisit this post, 7 Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids.  There are lots of things we can do to prevent getting sick in the first place, not just waiting to treat afterwards!

Click the title to go learn about…….

 7 Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

healthy habits collage

XES: Why Church Girls Tend To Get It Backwards


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