It’s All About the Brow

Brows are back, baby!

I have always been blessed with long eyelashes, and at one point, nice thick eyebrows, but alas, as a teen of the 90’s, it was NOT “in” to have bushman eyebrows.

IN FACT, we paid perfectly good money every month to have our brows waxed into tiny little strips and drew the rest in!

Time to fix that….

New blog today: It’s All About the Brows!


Come on over, let’s chat microblading and powder ombre brows!

Hugs, T


Essential Oils for Pollen Relief

  🐝You are invited to our Essential Oils for Pollen Relief Facebook Class!🌸

Your key to overcoming the itchy, sneezy, watery, congested season to come.🤧🥴😭

📅Our month-long class will cover some of the following topics.
Essential Oils for….

🌼Seasonal Allergies
🌷Congestion and Runny Noses
🌼 Itchy Eyes
🌷 Dry Throats
🌼 Easing Coughs Naturally
🌷 Restful Sleep
🌼 Soothed Skin
🌷Keepings Bugs At Bay
🌼 Energy To Keep You Going
Plus A Wealth of Tips and Recipes!

Each day we will educate you on a particular oil or helpful oil infused product, then teach you how to use & diffuse as well!

 It all happens here: Themed Class Page

Hugs, T 🌼🐝🌷

Living the Snow Bird Life

Hi from Sunny Florida! We are Living The Snow Bird Life and loving every moment of it.  This 3 weeks has flown by but also feels like we’ve been here months and months. I don’t know how that it even possible! 😉

There is nothing better than a little vitamin D therapy everyday to keep you healthy and happy emotionally and physically right?!  🙂

Life is good.  Catching up on Florida life on the blog today…….
Hugs, T

Essential Oils for Lovers

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Essential Oils for Lovers💋😍💧

🔥Want to spice up your love life naturally?

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🛌28 days of recipes, ideas and bedroom bliss

Essential oils are versatile and can be used to scent sheets and pillowcases, in the bath, as massage oils, as perfume and to scent the room. To create the most romantic environment, we entice all of the senses, including the sense of smell because…….

Essential oils are for LOVERS!   

Hugs, T