Meet The Kitties

   Today I return you to a “regular” post, from the Land of All Things Ferguson.  🙂  I don’t know when or if I will be asked to share anything else from our experience of Surviving Infidelity, but for now, it’s back to the usual fare: food, fun, family, photography and faith!  

Sooo, I shared a while back that our cat, Saprina had some kitties; 4 to be exact!

Now how cool is that?! 🙂  


Naturally, each child has claimed one as their own….but since it changes on a DAILY basis, I won’t even bother to list which kid claims which kitty.

Meet Tiger (or Tiger Lilly, if it’s a girl)


Little Bear (Or Little Princess, again depending on gender)






  My kids are in HEAVEN!


After giving Daddy a kiss, Paxton decided his kitty need one too…..


But it needed to be on the lips.  He worked very hard to find that kitties lips!

I have never been a real cat lover, but Saprina has captured my heart, and her babies are PRECIOUS!  I sneak out to hold them whenever I get a chance! 🙂



4 New Furry Little Ferguson’s

I am not a Country Girl by nature:

I think spiders are icky. 

The idea of mice in my home give me the heebie jeebies. (Thank God we have had that under control for 6 winters now! Ew.)

Out buildings full of junk, er I mean valuable rusty old parts, drive me Batty!

    But I have learned a lot in our almost 10 years out here in the Country:063

I have learned to LOVE the fact that from my front window, I see trees, not houses or road.

I have learned to chase roosters with a broom when they try to get my babies.

I have learned to garden, x4 this year!

I have learned to shoot a gun and chase a fox and a skunk down the driveway.

I have learned that old outbuildings full of junk, make amazing forts for my kids and spots for my photography.

Harris Family Photos 117-1

I have learned to kill spiders with something smaller than a 2×4 and not scream.

  And tonight, I learned something else cool about the Country life……


  I think I was just as excited as the kids, if not more, when we realized our sweet kitty, Saprina, was going to have her babies today!


  Here is what happened…..

   Last night, Saprina wouldn’t go out to the garage, where she has a soft bed to sleep in up on a little shelf. She usually loves it, but for some reason, she wouldn’t budge from Destiny’s bed.  We decided to leave her for a “special treat”.

  Early this morning, Destiny comes to us very concerned that Saprina’s purr was “worn out”.  Saprina loves Destiny best, and never stops purring when she is around, so the sweet girl thought she must’ve purred ALLLL night long and had no voice left!  She had taken Saprina to the garage before coming to me with her concerns.  After she described the noises her beloved pet was making, it hit me….

SAPRINA WAS HAVING HER KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  We raced to the back door.  Destiny got there first and gasped!  There was a baby kitty laying on the rug by the back door.  She literally had gotten out just in time to have her first baby.  (Thank God not on Destiny’s sheets!!!!!!!)

  I grabbed my camera, but missed the shot.   Rats.

Or Kittens. 

{Whatever. }


   Dale moved Saprina and her new kitten to a soft bed inside a big cardboard box.  She was so sweet, grabbing Dale’s arm with her paw to try to reach her kitten in his other hand.

   It wasn’t until 3 in the afternoon, that she had a few more.  I went to check on her before we left for school pick up, and she looked at me with the most shocked expression on her face, stood up and…


Out came another kitten!

  4 in all.  You can imagine I couldn’t get home fast enough for Destiny, who somehow didn’t make it in ANY of these next shots!  🙂


  We aren’t letting the kids handle the kittens, but Saprina is being really sweet with them.  She just purrs and purrs as they rub her head and tell her what a good Momma she is!

  I have never got to experience kittens, and I think this is just one more part of Country life to love!

PRECIOUS!  I can’t wait from them to open their eyes so we can hold them!


  Yes, for you that are worried, we are keeping them.  We need good mousers in the outbuildings and shed.  And yes, we are planning to spay all of the girls when they are old enough, and Saprina too! 

  But let’s just focus on how SWEET they are right now……



  Destiny is sure glad Saprina’s purr is not broken after all.