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Hi 4 little Ferguson friends!  It’s been a long long time, hasn’t it!?  I am back for just a moment to clean out the draft bin, thus the new random posts and yummo recipes you just now got to see, and to tell you about a new exciting website we have launched TODAY.

We can now be found at, and there is even a blog tab!

facebook timeline

NOW, before you get excited, please hear me, that I am not ready to blog full time again, but when I have something to share, that is where we will be writing about our latest adventures!  hee hee 🙂

Come on over and check it out, I miss you!

Hugs, T

2 motorhomes later….life has changed a bit from a vacation mobile to a full time home on wheels! 🙂



Sometimes Moments

  Motherhood is full of “Sometimes Moments”….  

   Little one,

  I get tired and weary of the lists in my head, and the jobs that weigh on my shoulders, and I don’t always give you the best of me.

IMG_2478 v copy

  This is a sad reality to face, because there is nothing I love more than to serve you, teach you and instruct you.  I love to see your eyes shine with joy when you do a job right, and are praised, or to hear your giggles from the other room, as I prep supper for our family.

  Someday I am going to be gone.  Hopefully not for a long, long time.  Someday you will tell your children and grandchildren, stories from your childhood.  And oh man, do I hope you have GREAT stories to tell!

   See, Motherhood is full of “Sometimes Moments”:

  IMG_2517 v copy     

  Sometimes I can’t relax reading books to you, because my To Do list is running through my head, so I stop after 3 stories.

Sometimes I even skip pages or paragraphs, and I am sorry for that.   

  Sometimes I surprise you with a huge stack of books, and read to you ALL of lunch time while you eat.  I love to look around the table and see you all experiencing the book in such a real way. {to the point that I have to remind you to EAT!}

  Sometimes I answer harshly, and I see your eyes flinch.  These moments haunt me at night when I lie in bed and process the day. I want to rewind and answer softly, because I love you so much.

IMG_2541 e copy

  Sometimes, I remember to kneel down next to you and softly correct, pointing you back to a Savior that loves you so so much more than I could ever offer, even at my best.

  Sometimes when you ask for fresh water and ice in your night time cup, I sigh and make my irritation known without words, even though I tell you to serve others joyfully!   

  Sometimes I answer “Sure, sweetie!” And even put a drop of peppermint oil, or the chlorophyll you like so much, inside.  I love to treat you to the little things that mean so much.  

  Sometimes you ask to wear a certain dress to the store, and I roll my eyes and point to your room and say, “Go put on your pink leggings NOW,” even though it wouldn’t be the end of the world to let you wear that dress everyday.

  Sometimes I let you wear your favorite pink & black dress up high heels to run errands.  I love how proud you are to be “a fancy lady”.

Sometimes I get so frustrated at you for coming in head to toe covered in dirt.  I tell you to get into that laundry room, strip down and wash up in a mad voice.  

 Sometimes, I giggle and put my feet in the mud puddle you discovered, so we can talk about how good it feels to squish it between our toes.

  Sometimes, you wait outside on the trampoline for me to come jump with you while I finish up a phone call.  But, instead of cutting them short, and making you the priority, I stay on the phone and suddenly it’s supper time and daddy is home, so I call you inside instead.  I am sorry for that.

IMG_2560 v copy

  Sometimes I don’t answer that phone call, so that we can spend the time between after school and supper playing “Popcorn” on the trampoline, or just lying there, staring up at the clouds, talking.

  Sometimes I say ‘NO’ to something, just because No is often the quicker answer to come.

  Sometimes I say ‘YES’ and see your mouth drop open with surprise, and eyes light up with joy.  This makes me want to say Yes a whole lot more.

IMG_2549 b copy

  Sometimes I rush through family prayer time, because I have so many photos to edit, and a blog post to finish, or an article to turn in.  I know you can tell the difference, and I so want to show you with my actions, that prayer time is a priority.  That the quiet at the end of the day with you is worth savoring.

IMG_2503v copy

  Sometimes, I rub your back, sing you a song, read your Bible Story, AND library books.  You get so excited about that, like it’s Christmas!

  I love our nightly tradition of praying, all as a family, taking turns going around the room.  It blesses me to hear you talk to your Father in Heaven, and tell Him about your day, your dreams and hearts desires for your future life.

  Sometimes I want the World to STOP, so I can have you all to myself without distractions.  No phone calls, no homework, no errands to run, no school committee meetings, no deadlines….just Family.

IMG_2611 b copy

Just together.

IMG_2590 v copy

  Shutting the gate to the World and just existing.  Slowing life down to a snails pace, so that I can be to you who I want to be. So that we can savor these years together that we are all under one roof.

  “Sometimes Moments” come each and every day, and I have a choice to make each and every time……..

And you know what?

  I choose you, little one.

IMG_2490 v copy

  You make my heart swell with love and joy.

  I choose to make all my “Sometimes Moments” count with you……

  Because just like we sing at night, “My Heart Says, I LOVE YOU…..”

All my love,


Florida Family 2013

  We love when our Florida family comes to visit!  My brother Chad, Sis in law, Lauren & my nephews, Brayden & Colby came to visit for almost a week.  They have changed SO much since last time, when they were itty bitty crawling babies!!!!!!!!!

  We had so much fun with them, it’s always that much harder to say good-bye though. Wish we could convince them to move to the Mid-west already!  🙂

  Anyhow, here are the photos from their visit.

Due to lack of space at my house, Chad & Lauren moved into mom’s side of the duplex.  She moved over to Grandma’s side.  God is so good to have worked out my mom and Grandmas “neighbor” status. He knew they needed each other close by!

We hung at Mom’s some nights, but were over here at our house most of the time. 

Blog 1Blog 2Blog 3

  Mom and Great Grandma were brave and kept all 6 kids between the duplex sides OVER NIGHT, so we could have a date night with Chad & Lauren!  HOW AWESOME!

  It’s State Fair time, so we went and walked around and ate yummy food.  I didn’t take my camera because I wanted to hold hands with my man, but we got this shot before we left.  My favorite part of the night was watching Lauren peel herself off the floor of our “boat” during the ride Ye Old Mill.  Lest you think I wasn’t fazed by this ride, I will tell you my throat was sore from all the screaming I did. 

blog 4

Saturday morning I was privileged to be asked to do a food demonstration at an awesome kitchen store downtown, Apron Strings.  They asked for me to make a seasonal food, so right away I said BBQ Chicken Pie. It always reminds me of Back to School!

blog 5

Mom and Lauren were GREAT helpers and I wouldn’t have gotten my prep done in time without them. Next time, I will go earlier until I know my way around that kitchen a little better.

  And yes, there will be a next time! They asked me to come back in January.  I am thinking Settlers Beans and Cornbread, what do you think?

blog 6

The rest of the time we just hung out.  Honestly, with 6 kids in the house, and 4 extra adults with mom and Grandma coming over for supper, it was a loud, full house and there was always something going on.  I LOVE that part!  There is nothing better than being elbow to elbow with your loved ones talking loudly over each other.  blog 1

We also made sure we had the extended family over for Sunday Night Snack Supper.  Food, fellowship and some outside duck & chicken feeding fun. 

blog 2blog 3blog 4blog 5blog 6blog 7blog 8blog 9

You break it, you buy it BUDDY!

blog 10

The 2nd Cousins

blog 11

Monday was no school, so we headed to the Fair with the whole crew!

blog 12

With 3 strollers, 6 kids, 5 adults and an Electric Scooter, we soon had to divide up, but it was still a great day. 100* hot, but great!

  Because it was dollar day, we were able to do a lot of the rides.  Pax pretty much hated all of them!  Here he is on the Carousel, it was all fun and games until his hat flew off, then he sobbed and sobbed. I think he thought HE was flying off next.  It broke my heart, and I almost jumped the fence to rescue him, mid-ride, but he did fine inspite of the sobs.

blog 13

  The big kids thought Chad & Lauren were the COOLEST Uncle & Aunt EVER after they did the White Water Ride with them.

blog 14blog 16

  Destiny met up with one of her friends from school and got to go with her and her mom the rest of the afternoon.  I knew they would take good care of her, and she’d be able to do more big kid rides, but I missed her too!  Just another step in the process of her growing up and away from me.  Pax hated these rides too, every turn he would hollar, “I DON’T WIKE DIS WIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  All except the truck.  That one was the most slow, boring one ever, but he loved it! Is my adventuresome one finally taming?!?!?!?!

blog 17blog 19

  One day Aunt Gena brought over a 32 pound Watermelon she grew in her garden.  We had it for after school snack, and would you believe most of it was gone in 20 minutes?! It was goooood!

blog 20blog 21

    I almost cried when I packed back up the baby toys and put away the cribs.  We miss the Bontrager Family already!  The good news is, we MIGHT get to see them again over Thanksgiving!!!!

  Tomorrow, I will share their family photo session that I took their last night here.  Busy, don’t hold me back, 1 year olds are always a challenge, but we did our best! 🙂


Works For Me Wednesday: Kitchen Curtain Makeover

  Thank you all for the GREAT feedback yesterday!  I was so excited to read all your comments, it was like Christmas in September.  🙂  

  The general consensus seems to be keep the food, faith, family and photos coming, 5 days a week, which is great by me and exactly the topics I set out to blog about 2 1/2 years ago!  

  I will share food, ALOT.  {shrugs} I am a Foodie married to a Foodie, what can I say?

  Like right now, I have all out all the ingredients for a new Chicken Poppyseed wrap that we are having tonight and I can hardly wait to make it and taste it.  Dale and I went the first 6 months of our marriage without repeating a recipe, and it birthed in me this desire to keep digging, keep trying new foods, several days a week. 

  Cooking new recipes has became such a normal way of life, that 11 years later, my family would fall over if I started rotating between spaghetti, tacos and stir fry every week! LOL 🙂  

   I have enough new keeper recipes coming, that I am already putting some into October’s schedule.  For being a natural remedies momma, I DO cook with a lot of creamy fatty foods, it’s true!!!! Most recipes do get doctored to include whole white wheat flour and olive oil, so that counts for something, RIIIGHT!?  I do believe that full fat is better for you then skim all the time!!!!!  Just sayin.   I wrote about it here: Ingredient Makeover.

  Mixed into the deliciousness, when the Lord nudges me, I will share things from the heart. I will write about Our Truth, or Christianity, or what it means to be a Women of God, or honestly, whatever He tells me to!  

  Also in the mix, daily life with kids.  If I write about Discipline, or Chore Time, it’s because that particular week, we dealt with it at our house, or a friend called and talked to me about it and needed some tips.  The things I write are inspired by real time events, so I like to think of the food as a delicious filler between real life happenings!  🙂

   If you are here for parenting advice, everything I have ever written on the topic will be linked under Big Picture Parenting.

  If I had all the money in the World, I’d buy a site like Pioneer Women, where every topic has a different page.  But alas, it is not in the budget!  So I just made Tabs to try to help you find what you want in a hurry, some of our more difficult topics.  

  Another great way to find things, is to look in the sidebar.  From the Heart, Home & Family, Photography, Health, Purity/Courtship are all listed out there for you to search and find what you want to read!  Go look, its located right underneath the black and white picture of our family looking out over the ocean, on the right hand side of the blog.

  If you are looking for a recipe index, I don’t know how to make one, SORRY!  However, I DO have 2 photo albums on my 4 little Ferguson‘s Facebook page that have every recipe I have ever blogged, with link for you to easily come find it.  Browsing through there is a great way to find some old favorites!  

  You also can follow my Pinterest Board called 4 little Ferguson’s Food. I pin each and every recipe I share to it.

  I haven’t blogged my photography in a long time, thank you for that reminder!  I will be putting that into the schedule this fall.

  So on to today’s post, which ironically, is not about food!  Thank you all for your feedback yesterday, it was a great check point, and it was such an honor to hear from so many of you!

   Sooo, have you ever gone into the Grocery Store and ended up coming home with something crazy!?

  It happened to me last week.  We have a new concept store in our small town, a BIG one that stocks groceries, home goods AND clothes. Think Walmart but like 100 times classier.  

  New stores like this are super exciting for us Mommy Types, so I have been like 3 times already.  

  I was walking along with 3 carts, yes 3:  One for me, one for Paxton and Ty, and one for Avery and Destiny. They were the mini kids carts, and super cool apparently, until they kept ramming them into my ankles. Ow!

 So I was minding my business, getting my watermelon and soy sauce when…..


 I round the corner and hear a gorgeous red leather sofa set calling my name.

  Now,  you have to know, I have been wanting a new love seat in the office FOREVER.  We have had ours 11 years, and it was 15 years old when it was given to us by the family I nannied for.  It has been sooo good to us, but it was time to give it a new home with Dale’s cousin, a recent bachelor, that just moved out of his childhood home.

  It was a steal of a deal, even lower than the ticket price listed, with addition discount AND gift card for being the first furniture purchase.  

Eeek! So exciting!

  The kids love to sit on it and read, NO JUMPING! 🙂    Red makes me happy!


  Also this weekend, I shopped at my first ever Estate Sale. Clearly, I have been missing out! This is way better than garage sale-ing! 

  We spent $25 and scored all kinds of cool stuff.  My favorite being this box of old beautiful hats.    You all, I was totally born in the wrong Era.  I would love to wear pretty full-skirted dresses, lace gloves and a cute hat, all while gentleman throw down their coats over a puddle, or dawn their hats to each passing lady.


  Avery picked out a cream one and wore it allllll day long.  She wishes she could be a fancy lady in the Old Fashioned Days, too. The brown one is my fav, it a Neiman Marcus, and is like a velvet headband with diamonds and a veil that comes below the chin, cream one pictured is my second fav. I would’ve SO worn this for our Vow Renewal if I had it back then!!  


  So on to the point and title of my oh so pointless post:  KITCHEN CURTAINS! 

  When we moved into this house 11 years ago, there were petite white lace curtains at every window.  They just kinda blended away with the white window trim, so I didn’t really notice them.   But, the other day I walked through the Curtain aisle at Walmart to get to the office supplies, and VIOLA….

  I found a curtain that matches my kitchen colors exactly, and double score….it was cheap!  Eeeek!  It was meant to be!

  I was sooo excited to get home and put it up, so you can imagine my dismay when I realized the curtain was NOT the two patterned curtain, as shown in the package.  Rather, it was one side per print.



It took it over to my moms, to see if we could sew the scallops up so both sides would show.  My mom is a genius, because she had me get out this….


  The Button Tin I played in as a child. I loooved to sort through and look at all the different buttons she had.  I still remember some of these!!!!  The kids had a blast playing with them!


  She suggested instead of sewing a seam, we just attach a button to each bump to hold it up.  Like I said, she is a genius!  We were able to find 6 brown buttons and 2 red in the tin.


  I started on our sewing project, and low and behold, Destiny plops down next to me and announces she is ready to learn to sew.  I told her it was hard to find the hole with the needle on the way up, so she could do all the down stitches.  By about the 6th button out of the 8 total, my neck was hurting from leaning over, so I gave in to her pleas and let her do down stitches AND the up.
The little STINK, she found the hole every time on the FIRST TRY!  What!? How does she do it?

Anyhow, here is the finished product! 


  I am happy with how it turned out and how it pulls all the colors together in my kitchen, and brings warmth, just the way I like it!


 Sewing buttons on Walmart bargain curtains work for me!


curtain collage

4 little Fergusons in Colorado

  Dale’s family just had a reunion in Silverthorne, Colorado.  The last one was 10 years ago, and I was stuck at home, 4 weeks from delivering Destiny Joy.  Little did we know, I would go into false labor and have 3 minute apart contractions while Dale was high on the mountain top with no cell phone reception.

  Needless to say, several {11} panicked phone calls later, Dale sped back home to me……and then waited a month.  {sigh}  That was not too fun. 

Who has 3 minute apart contractions for a MONTH!?

Oh wait. ME. 

Every single time. 

Anyhow, this time I got to go along, and we had such a fun time.  Grandpa and Grandma have 10 children, and Dale lived with them in Highschool, so they all forget he is a Cousin not an Uncle to their kiddos.

  Here are photos from our fun trip:

  Ever since we did our 18 hour car trip to Georgia, we feel so much more prepared to handle road trips that seem short in comparison!  Destiny went ahead a few days early with her Cousin and BFF, Brooklyn.  We all missed her terribly! Co 1IMG_0764 copy

  All 50+ of us stayed in one big house, ages 8-82.  It was really awesome!  If you are going to Colorado with a big group, please check out Summit Peaks Riverside Lodge, you will NOT be sorry!!!  We rented East and West sides of the house, so we had a 2 sided kitchen, 2 dining areas, a living and a family room and two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms. It was great! They were even so kind to loan us a kitchen aid for homemade cinnamon rolls one morning.  Great people to work with!

  If you book this, please tell them that Tonya Ferguson sent you!!!!

co 2

  Also a bonus, there is a park within walking distance from the house.  Co 3

    There was plenty of times for games, nature walks and just catching up!co 4Co 5Co 6IMG_0589 copy

  One afternoon we headed out for a 2 hour train ride up the mountain….Co 7IMG_0599 copyCo 9Co 10

  Then it was SKIT NIGHT!  I think these photos tell the story well. Needless to say, everyone had a good time.Co 11

  One afternoon, we headed up to Brekenridge in the “Bubbles” as Paxton called them.

co 12

   We even got to hike up the oh-so steep mountain side to climb a big snow pile.  I am no skier, but I can tell you I plan to keep it that way!  I could barely stand walking up and down the slope, let alone thinking about flying down them at uncontrolled speeds.  Plus, pizza for my family would’ve been $60.  Not happening……but it was fun for a mini visit! 🙂

co 13

 We made sure to get some family photos before we all took off for the fireworks.  You can’t beat the Mountains as your backdrop!

Co 14

Grandma got the giggles during their part of the shoot.  I still don’t know what is funny, but these photos are some of my favorite, EVER.  You can tell after 60 years, their love has only grown 15Co 16IMG_1206 copyIMG_1217 copyco 17

And of course, we couldn’t pass up re-creating this old timey photo of 6 of the 10 siblings!co 18Flashback Collage 2

Mission Accomplished.

  We enjoyed Fireworks over Dillon Lake, headed back late with some super sleepy kiddos and I packed in the darkened room for our return trip home.

co 19

  We hit the road mid morning July 5th, and headed back to our Home Sweet Home. That trip home is never any fun, is it!?!

  The kids did great, but this Momma was sure dreading life and laundry, bills and returning phone calls that awaited us when we arrived.

  We had an amazing time, and I am so blessed to be a part of such a close-knit and FUN family!

And with such stinkin’ adorable Grandparents to boot!  Winking smile


IMG_0947 copy

Summer Snaps

  We are off to a great start with Summer vacation!  Playing outside, being a family and just trying to limit our busyness.  {Which is a full-time job in itself!}

  Today I give you Blog Worthy Photos that just aren’t enough for a stand alone Blog Post! Smile


   Soooo, we have decided to not do a backyard pool for the second year in a row, because Mr. Paxton is just not ready. 

Or, Mommy is just not ready to never, ever, EVER let him be outside without someone standing there staring at him. 

  Or triple locking the backdoor when he is inside to keep him from escaping. 

  Either way, too risky.

  This pic is from 2011!  

ACK! How cute is he?! Where has my baby gone?  


  We usually set up similar to the pool photos in this post. {We had a bigger pool after this one popped in a summer hail storm} and we usually have a canopy over the carpeted area.  But that just can’t happen yet, not until Pax is less mischievous.

  Clearly, we are going to have to get creative this summer.  The plans are to rotate between the following:

Water balloon launchers, water guns, tractor sprinkler, wacky wiggle sprinkler, fan sprinkler under the trampoline, water hose on the slide and this….

  A homemade slip in slide made from a big sheet of plastic.  The best part was the Dish Soap that made is extra slippery and fun! The longer we played, the more soapy it got like a bubble bath.

  Someone on 4 little Ferguson’s Facebook page suggested that we use Baby Soap next time, easier on the eyes.  So if you have little ones, you could try that too!

  We had some long-lost family members come through on their way to a wedding. We haven’t seen them in probably 13 years!  Anyhow, we had a BBQ and just spent some time together.  They have never met our kids, but they were sweet enough to bring them a surprise….

  And boy where they SURPRISED to find it was………………..


More candy than they had ever seen in their short lives here on Earth.  I took a picture so we could properly thank Joel & Julie for their gift.




  I guess when they read my Facebook update about Tylan wanting to know what “Chit Chats” tasted like {Kit Kats}, they decided they better take it upon themselves to right this wrong. Destiny kept looking at me saying, “Since these are a gift, you are going to let us taste this stuff, right?!” 


  Ha! I promised her they could try a little of everything. And the rest they could have when they turned 18.  Maybe.  Winking smile

    This next picture is pretty self-explanatory.  Writing out Bible verses on Lying lips or disobedience or whatever offense, is highly effective too.  PicMonkey Collage

Rainy Day fun

PicMonkey Collage

  We live on 17 acres, 5 of them mowed.  Dale usually does all lawn care around here, because he pulls a 60 inch deck behind and it’s a lot for anyone to handle.  However, we want the kids to learn to mow, so they will be in charge of some of the front yard with no pull deck.  learning to mow

All the hard work deserves some Trampoline time!

trampolinetrampoline 2trampoline 3

Fun with chalk:

The girls requested a kitchen! 

chalk kitchen

We also made a whole city using the entire rest of the sidewalk!!! 🙂

Collage 1 Collage 2 Collage 3

  Summer 2013 is off with a bang!  Hope your summer has been amazing so far!!!!!

Hugs, T



  Do you ever wander around your house and randomly switch around your décor just to make it feel new and fun again?

  Maybe that is just a me thing, but I LOVE doing that.

Ashley Furniture was nice enough to replace the leather on our peeling sofas for us, so while we were without living room furniture and playing 4 square, I was doing some thinking.

4 square

How could I make our skinny, long living room seem wider?

I can’t find a better Before picture, OF COURSE, but here is a little idea of what it looked like.  Buried underneath all those seasonal kids clothes I was preparing to sell, is my love seat.  When you walked in the front door, you walked past the back of the love seat.  Make sense?

<The front door is over here.


  We moved the love seat to the other side of the room beside the couch, moved the big couch alllll the way down the wall to almost where the half circle table was, and brought a big square end table out of storage.

IMG_4229  IMG_4185

  Instantly the room felt broader, as all the “heavy” furniture pieces were on one side of the room and bigger, because we moved everything towards the door.  

  I also grabbed from storage, the fabric pennant banners my friend, Mary, made us for our Vow Renewal.  I wanted to bring in some vintage flare and add some different colors to our red room.



  Isn’t it funny how the littlest things, like a “new” runner, also used at the Vow Renewal and then stored, can make something feel so different?


  The “Bird theme” was already started in this room, so I was thrilled when I found some bird-cage pillows on a discount site.



  It tied the new orange tones from the banner, and the already existing red colors, together perfectly!


This also made it a natural choice to hang this birdcage by our red chair.IMG_4195IMG_4209

  I like old things, so I wanted to use this beautiful old photo of my dad at age 2 out here.


  This half circle table used to be the first thing you saw when you walked in the door, I just moved the whole thing to the opposite side of the room.  It’s now to the right of the front door.IMG_4193

Now here is what you see from the door:  IMG_4232

  Our Vow Renewal photograph!   I had to walk away from this Happily Ever After plaque at Hobby Lobby the first time I found it. I knew it would eventually go 50% off, and it did!  I think it’s so fitting right here next to our fresh start picture.  IMG_4230

  The lamp on the end table was FREEEEEE.  We found it in an old barn on Papa’s land. It was dusty and gross, but with a little effort, it became a BEAUTIFUL Amber lamp.  IMG_4192

  The pies de resistance, was this old Chifferobe I found on a used furniture site, already painted the EXACT green I wanted to paint an old tv armoire.   Perfect!  Moving the couch all the way down the wall, allowed for a nice big piece of furniture to fit there.  It houses all our books and games behind closed doors, which feels much tidier.


And look who has a place of honor up there, my favorite Scooter Parade photo of my precious Grandpa…..


  Well, that’s it for today! 

Here’s to making old things feel new……


Not Your Ordinary T-Shirt Scarves

I LOVE making things and being crafty!  I don’t always have a lot of extra time to do it, or honestly, most times, I’d rather stick my nose in a book.

  However, when I came across a bag of GORGEOUS material I had purchased last May for t-shirt scarves {I was planning on making a bunch over the summer, yeah right!} I knew the time had come to put it to good use.

T-Shirt Scarf Time!


  There are a couple ways to do this, most people use old t-shirts that are lying around. That is great!  {Unless you are like me, and have a lack of t-shirts in your closet due to your extreme Girliness….just sayin!}

  I tried Goodwill but their shirts were $2 a piece and had very little usable material below the graphics.  I did find some non-graphic Tie-dyed shirts from there one time, that I loved.  I made them into Infinity Scarves found here. So, it can be done!!!!!

However, I decided to purchase that stretchy t-shirt material at the Fabric Store instead.  It came at a pretty penny, anywhere from $6.99-12.99 a yard, and the flowers and poufs anywhere from $3-9, but I wanted to give it a go.  If I ever do this again and sell some, I am afraid I am going to have to get my costs down.

  So when you buy a yard of fabric instead of using t-shirts, it requires extra steps:

  1) You can sew the yard of fabric in a tube shape with your machine.


2) Simply knot it after you cut it to create the circle necessary for loops. 


I learned to sew on my Mom’s Mean Machine JUST for this purpose, and it’s a real time saver.  All those knots took hours!!!!!!

Another time saver is using a roller vs. scissors.


  I used to hand cut each strip with my scissors, but now, sweet Dale cuts the fabric folded over itself, on a big cutting board with a roller.  I love sitting out in the living room with him in the evenings while he cuts and I create.  🙂

  There is a tutorial on how to make the actual scarf part here at My Blessed Life.  I don’t have the know how to record and upload a video for you all, so just watch hers. She did a great job!

Don’t forget to hide the knots or sewed parts with another strip of cloth wrapped around and knotted underneath where it won’t show on the neck:


Here are some of my finished scarves:


  Happy Creating!

A note from Tonya: Thank you to those who have asked if they could buy some scarves! I am SO SO honored! 🙂  However, I am selling them at a Craft Fair next weekend and need to keep a nice stock pile until then. That being said, if you see one you love love love, leave me a comment or email me a description of your favorite. {}  I will tell you if I have more materials for that scarf, or if I plan to make that one again for your future order. Thanks!

More T-shirt scarf posts here:

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