LIVE Facebook Class Today!

Just a loving reminder, that TODAY is our class together!  I am so excited to connect with you, today:  Saturday, July 29th, 10 am CST on our RV Oilers Event page……

​  CLICK HERE to access it.
Feel free to add your friends too!  We are going to have FUN and give away PRIZES!!!!!!

​  Hugs, T



The A-Z of Essential Oils: Part 2

 Today we are continuing our oil education series with some simple ABC’s!

We have oils for EVERYTHING!!!

  Oils work quickly on a cellular level.  Each oil has HUNDREDS of compounds!  These beautiful gifts of the earth, will meet the body where it’s at, and takes it where it needs to go, for optimal health.

​  Essential oils work FAST!  I often get relief faster than I can screw the lid back on, that’s amazing!

Come on over to the blog for oil week, you are bound to learn something new!

Hugs, T