Ladies Man

What can I say? 

Paxton is a ladies man!


They just um, “flock” to him. 

Check it out:043

He is good at sharing:

“Wanna snack?”


He is Kind:

“Hey there ladies, don’t fight, there is plenty to go around!”


He is quiet, often pondering life and all there-in….

“Hmmmmm. Now where did I put that other cracker?”


He is friendly:

“Hi! Welcome, come have a snack with me!”


He is strong:

“I have the power to feed these chicks right here in the palm of my hand.”


He is generous:

“Here you are, ladies….cheese crackers for everyone!”


He has a great “appetite” for life:

“Wait, I want one too!”


He is fashion forward:

“Come here….”


“….I want to fix your hair. It’s kinda sticking up.”


“Comb you say? Yes, you DO need a comb!”


Paxton has some pretty girls at church too…..


Paxton’s mine!                                                No, he’s mine.


We are currently working with their parents for an itemized list of their dowry’s so we can make an informed decision on Paxton’s arranged marriage. 

Ok, ok, maybe not, but he sure has some great future choices!!!!! 🙂



Weekend Fun

  With May comes the end of school, and the beginning of a busy time of year full of weddings, graduations, graduations, graduations, plus a few birthday parties to boot!

  We had a very, very busy weekend going from one great party to the next!  Call us party poopers, but we are EXHAUSTED!!   I was asked to photograph a 1st birthday party for some friends from church, as well as Senior portraits for Dale’s cousin, Matt, whose Graduation Open House we attended this weekend as well.  It’s one thing to take pictures of your own kids, but someone else’s, yikes!  No pressure, right?!  🙂


Hope you all had a great weekend!  This is our last week of school, how about you?  I am ready to have my girl home with me again! 🙂


Ade’s 1st Birthday Party:


137198203204215297299301 (2)309346365406427510483595678671672683688707690739742715


Happy 1st Birthday, precious girl!


037Meet 2011 High school graduate, Matt:

072-5103078111128129199-2207 (2)-3217219240-2232215-2

Congrats on your Graduation, Matt!


  Destiny’s dream came true this weekend, she got to ride a real live pony at her friend, Kolby’s 6th Birthday party!   🙂  She wants a Cowgirl themed 8th birthday party SO bad!  We’ll see if Boots the pony can make an appearance at her party too.

  See her big quilted jacket?  Yup, it was THAT chilly!  Gotta love Kansas, 103* one week, 56* the next! And doggone it, if I didn’t already pack up all the children’s “warm” clothes.  Brrrr…….

015023025 027

   We attended several more Open Houses, but I didn’t feel it necessary to take my camera.  I WILL show you however, what our Sunday night looked like.

049  045047

I’m with Paxton, time for bed! Good night!