T-Shirt Scarves: The Perfect Gift!

We had many, many people to thank for helping with our Vow Renewal.  Some got money, some got gas cards, some got the Sunflower arrangements after the ceremony.  The couple that loaned us the barn got a framed picture of their barn that I took, and added a verse to:


But I had more people to thank, some lovely ladies to be exact.

Remember a while back, I posted about making some t-shirt scarves?

Well, when it was time to think of Thank You gifts for the remaining participants of our Vow Renewal, I knew this was the answer.

So, I made 3 of them.

One for Shelby, our soloist, which I tried on here.


ANNNND, I made one for me out of Shelby’s extra material! IMG_4825

{What? There was just enough left!}

One for Kasey, who made gobs of cookies and spoke:


And one for Ann, who had driven a long ways, just to sing “Our Song”. The very one she and her husband, Lynn sang at our wedding 10 years ago.


The girls LOVED them! 🙂  YAY!

{Ann, not pictured}


Shelby’s & Ann’s are a mixture of link style and spaghetti knit scarf made in a yoke styles,  Kasey’s is all loops with tassels at the end.

The one I have on is a regular spaghetti scarf.


Oh, and while I was at it, I also made a Ruffle Scarf in Cougar colors for Destiny’s teacher:


I was so busy working on completing all these BEFORE the renewal date, that I did not take photos of the process. Sorry!

However, AFTER the Renewal was all said and done, I still had one thank you scarf to make, and I did take the time to photograph it.

First, take a print t-shirt, stripes or tye die would be great!


Cut off the top of the shirt.  From the bottom of the sleeve seam down, so that just the tube of fabric that covers your back and tummy remain.


Cut off the bottom stitching too.


Now, take that tube of t-shirt, and fold it in half, leaving a good inch more on the bottom half than the top half.


Cut all the way through the folded layer, not going beyond, like this:


Cut strips until you have completed the entire row.


Run your arm through the loops.  See that uncut section?  There is now a strip of uncut t-shirt on top.  IMG_7523

Tug hard on the top and bottom of the loops like this…..


Take a strip of cloth from the sleeve and gather the scarf at the uncut section and wrap like this:


Tie underneath wrap to secure.


Ta da!  A spaghetti scarf. The fastest and easiest of all t-shirt scarves!


Here is a link to the instructions for how to make all kinds of t-shirt scarves:

My Blessed Life Scarf Tutorial

More of my scarves here: https://4littlefergusons.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/t-shirt-scarves/

Have fun!



I Do: Part 2 {Before The Ceremony}

This is post 2 for today, be sure to head back a post for I Do: Part 2 {Worship} so you can read them in order! 🙂 

May 25th, 2o12 dawned bright and HOT, but that didn’t stop us from being nearly giddy with the anticipation of our special ceremony, to take place at 7pm that very night.

  My friend and hair dresser, Kelli came out to do the girls’ hair.  What a blessing to not have to load up and go into town!  She always does an AMAZING job, and this time was no exception!




 The couple that let us use their amaaaazing barn, also allowed us to use their guest house to get dressed.  The kids and my mom hung out there in the AC during our pre-ceremony pics.


A close friend of the family, Whitney, of Whitney Hamilton Photography, captured our special day from start to finish.  You can see more of her work here, on her website.  She does an incredible job and I knew I could trust her to photograph even the smallest details of the day.


IMG_4497editSIMPLYIMG_4509editIMG_4524editOLDWESTIMG_4550edit2IMG_4572editGLOWINGIMG_4579editIMG_4595 Color EnhancedIMG_4694CHARMINGIMG_4714editBOHOIMG_4717editSIMPLYIMG_6350editSIMPLYIMG_6351editDREAMSIMG_6357editBOOSTIMG_6364editDREAMSIMG_6388EDITIMG_6400editIMG_6409editIMG_6430editIMG_6496editSIMPLYIMG_6498editbwIMG_6445editIMG_6512editIMG_6518editIMG_6567editSIMPLYIMG_6595editB&WIMG_6612editBOOSTIMG_6669editSIMPLYIMG_6709editSIMPLYIMG_6723editIMG_6724editIMG_6730editSIMPLY

IMG_4630-my editIMG_4650IMG_4720IMG_4726IMG_4741IMG_4790IMG_4848IMG_4864-soy latteIMG_4889IMG_4892IMG_4917IMG_6268IMG_6271IMG_6777editSIMPLYIMG_6783editCROPIMG_6801IMG_6870IMG_6872


Moments before the ceremony, nerves at an all time high, Dale grabs me for prayer time, asking God to smooth the path before us and allow everything to go as planned.


 And Whitney, being the kind of photographer she is, saw it and captured it all, unbeknownst to Dale and I.  AWESOME.

And so begins, our I Do: Part 2 Vow Renewal Ceremony……


But I’ll tell you about that, tomorrow!



After the I Do: Part 2 Vow Renewal

   Don’t be mad.

 I don’t have many photos to share today.  SORRY! I know you are waiting so nicely, but it will be weeks yet before I have the video and photos back from our “I Do: Part 2” Vow Renewal Ceremony.  We can be patient together, ’cause I can hardly STAND it myself, I am SOOO excited to see them!  🙂  I PROMISE, my lovely photographer and videographer are working HARD to get them done, and as soon as I have the disks in hand, I will share with you, but for today, I want to talk blog numbers and blessings, as well as share the few photos I have at my disposal! 🙂

During the first 12 posts of “Surviving Infidelity: Shattered Hearts, Broken Promises” the blog was viewed 34,024 times! (this does not count the Love Story Re-told posts) Reaching as far as Italy, Kenya, Costa Rica, India, Australia, Guam and Poland! Wow, praise God! May it continue to travel the world for HIS glory!

During this series we received hundreds of wonderful comments, and even more private messages and emails.  People are hurting and just need to be told that others are out there surviving the same hurts!

We were blessed with this AMAZING “Shattered” candle-holder from a fellow blogger and sweet friend in Christ, Joy from Simply Bloom, which we used at our Vow Renewal. 

We did this in place of the traditional Unity Candle, since our lives are already one.


This hand written note says:

A mosaic Candle-holder so perfectly displays the reflective beauty of a broken life reconstructed. His light bounces off and floods trough the shards of broken, shattered dreams surrendered to His creativity.

   It represented perfectly, our desire to have the Lord shine His light through the broken pieces of our lives, all to create a beautiful mosaic for HIS glory!

  We were also sent several amazing books!  Now that the renewal has passed and “regular” life sets back in, we are anxious to dig into these.

A big thank you to Megan, from The Pearl, for blessing us with the 3 Laaser books: 7 Desires of Every Heart, Shattered Vows & Healing Wounds of Sexual Addiction!

  Our Beauty from Ashes ceremony was everything we dreamed it to be. 

The Bible tells us that “Whoever sows in tears, reaps in joy.” Ps 126:5.  What a joy it was to join my life to Dale’s again, to make a fresh covenant before Christ, and to be wearing a wedding band proudly on my finger once again.

For those of you that live locally, Venables is seriously the place to shop for rings! WOW.  Talk about personal service.  Gina bent over backwards to make our experience a good one.  This included allowing us to pay as we could up to the event and ring pick up, personal phone calls when items came in, custom ordering and quick turn around…she was a dream to work with!  I cannot say enough about Venables!
Send your boyfriend for all your engagement ring shopping needs!  🙂

  In the weeks to come, I will show you some of the things I made for the Renewal, like this Paper Flower Garland, which is pictured here in my bathroom. 

(WHAT?! I needed it to be safe until I took it to the barn for the renewal!)  🙂

And the t-shirt scarves I made for gifts!

    My friend Heather is a photographer, so naturally, she brought her camera to the Vow Renewal and was sharing these on Facebook last night.  I was gobbling them up as fast as she was posting!

She titled this next one: “Everything as it should be.”  I say YES and Praise Jesus!

  Last, but certainly NOT least….here is the slide show we played after the Vow Renewal! 

More soon!  Hugs, T

In Honor of Beauty from Ashes