Dinner for 4: Part I, An Evening of Elegance

  I was asked by my mom-in-law, who runs a scrumptious restaurant in town, to help cook, serve & photograph an elegant party for 4. I was so honored to be asked and promptly said, “Yes!”  (Dale says this is a great way for me to work off my speeding ticket….Thanks honey, thanks.

Son of the Year Award, goes to Alan from Oregon, who gifted this dinner party to his parents for Christmas: INCLUDING the fresh Crab he had shipped here just in time!!!!!!

  Here are the photos from our evening:



First up, wine:


  Time to start supper prep, we had such a beautiful space to work in!


Elegant Dinner party for 4 is under way…..


Sweet Jo-jo was not sure just WHAT was going on!


Next up, Shrimp Martini Appetizers:



Working on the Oven Roasted Bacon Dripped Asparagus:068




Then, bowls of Creamy Mushroom soup served with 3 cheese Artisan bread and dilled butter:


Then, the Main course, Crab Cakes made from big chunks of Fresh Crab!
2 big thumbs up to Eileen, who spent hours shelling the crab and putting together these Crab Cakes that got RAVE reviews!!


Dessert plates:  Lemon Cream puff with Raspberry sauce, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Almond Bites.


Hot Buttered Rum finishes the evening off right:


  We had such a lovely time, what a fun job this would be!!!!!  After we were asked for our business card, which we didn’t have since we aren’t part of a company, Eileen and I were teasing that maybe we SHOULD go into business: 

“Dinner for 4” Catering Company:All the Fun of Entertaining Without Any of the Mess! Helping to meet your small dinner party needs.

Elegant Encounter Catering Co: Helping you Host Amazing Dinner Parties in Your Home.
Home Gourmet Catering: Helping you Play Hostess Without All the Headaches.

    Hey, a girls gotta dream, right?! 🙂


  If you are interested in any of the recipes from this post, head on over to Post 2 for today.