Old Timey Photos

  When I was working on the tribute to my Grandpa, I came across some really cool old timey photos from my Dad’s side of the family. 

This is my Grandpa Bontrager and his wife, Nora. She died from cancer when my dad was young.

002003 (2)003004

This is the Uncle my dad was named for.


  See that cart in the background, we HAVE it here on our property! We used it to haul wood last year!!  Cool, right?!?!?!



I love that these family photos are safely in an album preserved for generations to come!

  Here are a few more pics I came across on my photo hunt that made me smile.

Guess who looks like Mommy when she was little?

009 (2)

Take off the pigtails and it’s PAXTON!


He makes this face too. 

008 (2)


Fun, right?!


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