Salt Sculptures

    It’s cold here, 5*……

And SNOWY!  17 inches according to the news, and still coming down as you read this.


   So here we are, stuck inside on another Snow Day this school year. (What is this day number 4 or 5 for this year?)  I never remember getting out for Snow Days very often when I was in school, but I gotta say, I loved them then, and I love them now! There is something so cozy about holing up and staying home together!

  The first Snow Day, we made snow ice cream.


    On another snow day, we roasted marshmallows in the fireplace.


  So enough with the Snow Day sweet treats!  Today, it was time to bust out some arts & crafts.  We decided to make Salt Sculptures!


  Everyone worked SO hard on their projects!  They took an hour to bake and then we had to let them cool before we could paint them.


  Paxton found the whole thing rather exhausting.  Sweet baby.


We had SO much fun!  Daddy came home from work super early and joined us at the table, which makes things like this even better!   🙂    


 Here are the finished sculptures:

Tylan’s “Sam the Snake” & Destiny’s worm, “Slimey”.


My flower & Dale’s Rainbow Arachnid, who due to a nasty fall broke both front legs, poor dear.


Destiny’s momma horse & colt and 2 bales of hay


Avery’s baby Jesus, complete with binky & crib. You can see her baby spider in the background. (He’s nice she says.)


Tylan’s T-Rex named, “T. Rex”, what else?


  I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but stay warm, stay safe and have fun making these with your kids today!  What a great way to spend the afternoon!



Salt Sculpture Recipe:

Mix together 4 cups flour, 1 1/2 cups water and 1 cup salt.  Sculpt the doughy mixture into shapes-animals, flowers, rockets, or whatever your imagination inspires.  Bake at 350* for 1 hour.  Cool and paint with washable acrylic paint.



Arts & Crafts Time

Over Christmas break we were able to fit in lots of Arts & Crafts time….

  I was finally able to get some butcher paper at Wal-Mart (I have been looking for months!) so we rolled it out to cover the table, and got out the new Crayons and markers from Uncle Don & Aunt Viv. 


The kids had a blast and worked so hard to make pretty pictures….


   Paxton hung out in his Excersaucer next to the table, and tried to fit the entire end of a rattle in his mouth.  He nearly succeeded too!


Afterwards, we left the beautifully decorated paper on our table as the “tablecloth”.  I was thinking it’d last a few days, but we had waffles for breakfast the next day.  Let’s just say paper tablecloths and sticky syrup just don’t mix.  Good-bye tablecloth!  I told the kids we’d make another one soon. They were sad to see it go!

  We also had fun doing this bead art Destiny got from Dale’s family gift exchange….. 


Remember these from when you were a kid?! 


  I do!  Man, I loved it! 

  It didn’t take me long to remember the bad part about these though…….

  You work SOO hard putting those teeny beads on the pegged shape, only to spill them on your way to the ironing board and have to start over.  Ooo, I HATED that when I was a kid!  033

  Well, Destiny left hers on the table, for just a minute, while she came to tell me she was ready to iron hers, and wouldn’t you know,  little sis decided to crawl up on the table and pick up the “pretty”. 


Uh oh!  Sad tears. 😦

Avery felt awful and was sure to hug Destiny all better.


And sweet Destiny decided to let Avery have the heart to keep after we ironed it.  Avery was so excited!!!!!



  Tylan decided he didn’t have the patience for such a project and brought a his toy Dad up to play with while he watched us work.  “Toy Dad” was doing some major stomping and roaring about something!

Probably his pink and purple mini-van. Poor guy.






Destiny decided to make one for Ty anyhow……an extra special one with a letter “T” on it.


  We were all done and happy, and each kid had a special new bead art to put in their room, even Paxton. 


  We were just ready to put the bucket away, so we could all go to the library for new books when……..

I heard a thunk.  Avery was at it again.

Except this time she spilled the entire bucket of beads!!!!! 

Oh. My. Word. 

For real?! 


That’s it.  Arts & Craft Time has officially ENDED……

~T 🙂