Avery’s “Birthday Pouty”

    Today’s post is all about Avery’s Birthday Party! Or Birthday Pouty as she calls it in her cute little 4-year-old talk.

  The theme was inspired by some darling plates I found at Aldi’s for a dollar:



  In going with the theme, we made Watermelon Cupcakes (recipe coming tomorrow) and Watermelon Lemonade!!!!  Both delicious!

IMG_1034Watermelon Cupcakes (6)

My family brought in lots of yummy appetizers to share for Sunday Night Snack Supper.


7 Layer Salad Dip (3)

  We had a special guest come over, and she got to join the party fun too!  🙂

IMG_0770 border

Mrs. Baker from The Better Baker! What a blessing to get to meet her and spend some time with her.  She fit right in! 🙂




Party time!


Watermelon Salt Water Taffy



  Sweet Destiny, wrapped Avery’s gift up in a GIANT leaf from a tree out front! Clever!


  Avery’s birthday celebration with family was a few days after her birthday.  She got to open her 3 presents from us, and a few Papa & Drea left, on her official day.  These next few photos, are from that day.

  Close your eyes for a big surprise……


“Me too, Momma?”


A Jeep for your dolls to ride in! Thanks, Papa & Drea!


Pax thinks it’s for him to ride in…..


Avery can’t bear to watch!



  What a blessing to have family and friends nearby to celebrate with!

Happy Birthday, sweet 4-year-old!



Happy Birthday, Avery!


  Today is Avery’s Birthday, and guess what, it’s mine too!  She was the very best Birthday present I could ever ask for!

232323232fp53243_nu=3235_74__5_9_WSNRCG=346734;;35327nu0mrj232323232fp53274_nu=3235_74__5_9_WSNRCG=346734;;37327nu0mrj  Here she is:

10 pounds 3 1/2 oz. 

3 days old in this photo!


Hard to believe this is our lil’ bitty Peanut, isn’t it!?



  Avery has always been sunshiney with the occasional storm clouds.

ava2crying Avery1680_108704805229_9920_nIMG_3323bw


  She has such a heart for the Lord, loves to raise her hands in worship, and asks Him almost nightly to help her future husband be a Godly man and a Mr. Fix It like her daddy.



She beams when praised, and gets tearful when she can’t get it done the way she has imagined it should be accomplished.  But she has drive and stubborness that we are asking God to use for HIS glory!


She’ll being going to Preschool 3 days a week this year!  I will miss her terribly!


Oh my little one, you are growing up so so fast, you make Mommy’s heart ache to keep you a baby, but I know my job is to give you wings and prepare you for the day you will use them.

baby averydirt snot=smud

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet Avery!

IMG_3339 vintage

You’ll always be my baby girl!

IMG_3344IMG_3356rpettyIMG_3483crop vint


I love you to the moon and back!

~Mommy                      xoxo


OH Pax! No-no!

  Destiny and Tylan did NOT prepare us for Avery and Paxton. 

Guess the Lord likes to keep us as parents humble, doesn’t He? 

The first 2 were easy, laid back, didn’t get into trouble much, were very tender-hearted and then…….

good sisterNOT a princess008070

We had Avery.095

  Sunshine to thunder clouds and back, all in a matter of minutes. 


No middle ground. 

 Crabitha I will never forget when she was 5 months old and threw her first fit, arching her back and practically sliding down my leg, limp as a spaghetti noodle.  I gasped and stared at Dale across the room, whose mouth had also dropped open.  We knew then, we were in for a WHOLE new ballgame!

    I wouldn’t have it any other way, my sweet, sassy little Peanut!


  Then there is Paxton, who takes Mischievous to a whole new level. 

He is the naughty to her theatrics.

  Did I tell you about the time I went out to photograph Banana Caramel Pinterest Pie and when I came back he had dragged over a kitchen chair and helped himself?


How about the morning where he dumped the entire bowl of Oatmeal on his head?


Or, when he dumped flour all over the place?  Escaped out the back door for the first time, or helped himself to the contents of the fridge?


   In the last 2 weeks it has been as follows: 

Threw his binky in the toilet.  (Yes, the toilet was being used, otherwise the lid is not allowed to be left open. Yuck.)

Threw Avery’s special prayer bunny in the toilet, again it was being used.  Ew.

Hit Avery in the head with Dale’s golf club.

Hit Avery in the head with a golf ball.

Hit Avery in the head with her high-heeled church shoes.

Hit Avery in the head with a utensil. 

Hit Avery in the head with a train.

Poor Avery needs a helmet!  Paxton will smack his own bottom afterwards, “No no”, he says. 

  If you know it’s a no-no, THEN QUIT, DUDE!  Your sisters health depends on it!

  This torment seems mostly directed at Avery, as you can tell!  He just frustrates Destiny when he trashes her room and Ty when he knocks down his lego towers.

  He stands at the island to “help” with supper, those little grabby hands dumping salt and noodles faster than I can stop him.

  I clean up water messes at least 5 times a day as he crawls up on to the table and dumps his siblings cups out, then plays in them.

{Sigh}  A mother’s job is never done it seems.  If it’s quiet and you can’t find Pax, don’t walk, RUN to find him. You will be sorry otherwise!

  Now, our latest issue is……….


  I hide them, he somehow finds them.  I hide them again, higher.  He finds them again, using a kitchen chair to do his job.  Hopefully they are all so high he can’t reach them (I barely can) and this will stop.  OF COURSE, I didn’t think to take a photo of my “decorated” walls, doors, couch and carpet before I scrubbed them, but here is how he looked afterwards:

(When he first came to me, I was very concerned that he was bleeding. This quickly turned to exasperation, as I realized he had found yet another marker!) 

Oh my gracious sakes! Who drew marker all over the walls?


Ok, ok, you are right.  It was me.  {sigh}


  I decorated my sock, too!  See?


What do you mean that is a “No no”?


This is some of my BEST work!


You aren’t going to tell Daddy about this, right?!


You ARE????????


Sorry about the mess, Momma.


Even though I am naughty, you think I’m pretty cute, don’t cha!?”


Come on, you know you do……


I sure love you, Momma!  I will be a good boy now.


Sweet baby Tank, what would my life be without you and your siblings?  I love that each and every one of you are different and special in your own way!

  God is good and life with kids is great, so we’ll just smile and roll with it!  🙂


Pinterested: Making A Sock Bun

This is Post 2 for today, be sure to head back to Post 1: Buckeye Cookie Bars!   

So I saw this cool thing on Pinterest, which lead me to a video of how to make curls using a Sock Bun.  Destiny LOVES when I take time to curl her hair, but let’s be realistic, it just doesn’t happen on school mornings.

  THIS is the answer to my “Who in the World has time to use a curling iron on a CRAZY school morning?” Problem’s!

What you’ll need:

Socks that you don’t mind cutting.  I used my size socks.


Roll it up tightly, continuing to tug as you roll, to keep it smooth.


Your Sock Bun should now look this:


Mine actually looked like this one, on the left, so I unrolled and cut the top “lip” of the sock as well.  Much better!


How to roll a sock bun:


Basically you take damp hair up in a high ponytail, and slip the sock bun over it.  Grasp hair straight up in the air, as you pull the sock bun to the tippy top, and wrap the ends neatly.  Then you roll down, spreading the hair as you go, clear back down to the base of the ponytail. 

{You are going to want to watch the video. This is hard to explain!!!!}

  When you are done rolling it looks like this and is actually nice enough to be worn this way on day 1. 

Super cute!


  The next morning, it was time to find out if it worked!

  We had one that worked great, and one not so much.

Poor Avery with her thin, silky hair!!!!!  But Destiny’s was amazing!!!!!


That’s ok, Mommy.  We can try again tomorrow!


2nd time around, I cut a stray baby sock for Avery’s hair and made sure it was very damp this time.018

  When we took it out the next morning, I could already tell a big difference.



  She was THRILLED to have curls like big sis.


  Supposedly this works great for adults as well, but I already have curly hair, so I haven’t tired it.  If you try it, make SURE to come comment and tell me about it!

   Go make a Sock Bun, your daughters will thank you!


Update: 12-29-2012
Since posting this, we have done many a sock bun. Usually with freshly washed, damp hair on bath night, and I have a tip for you.  I have found that if I spray Avery’s baby fine, satin hair with leave in conditioner, the curls stay way better!
Case in point:

Avery sock bun

With Cherries On Top….

  I am lonely today!  Did you know Avery started 3-School last week and will now go every Friday?


Yup, it’s just Paxton and I here a good portion of the morning.


{SIGH}  How is it that all my kids are so quickly approaching school age?

   3 of my 4 are in some form of school, 1 or more days a week. WAH!  My years as a Stay at Home mom seemed to stretch as far as the eye can see, but in reality, they are quickly passing by.  I don’t like it.  You know what they say, “Days are long but years are fast.”

  Anyhow, I thought since it was so quiet here, with Pax taking his morning nap and all,  I’d use this time to update you on things at the Ferguson home……..


This is the space formally known as my front yard:

  Apparently we have a crushed lateral pipe that needs fixing, promptly!


This was taken day 1 of digging. You should SEE it NOW! Twice this at least!


Look at Ty’s shovel parked next to his daddy’s,  AWWW!


This is poo water: 


Every time my kids go outside they ask “Ew. Who tooted?” Yup, it’s disgusting!


This is the Tahoe:

Well, the wheel of the Tahoe…hey, it’s the only photo I could find in a hurry! 071

It died on me in the middle of the gas station, multiple, multiple times. The middle, as in the DRIVEWAY. Not the side, not at the pump, the MIDDLE.  Of course!  It will cost $700 to repair. 

This is Saprina, our beloved kitty:


She is MIA and my kids are totally broken-hearted over it. Lots of tears last night and this morning.


This was my checking account balance as of last night:


$250 worth of bills will hit in the morning.

This is the pile of dishes.  Nasty, crusty dried Mexican night dishes:

  I decided to leave them as they were, as in all over the kitchen counters, to go get the kids down early.  They all had school the next day, so it seemed like the right choice. I usually AT LEAST give them a good rinse and stack them neatly, before doing bedtime, but this time? Nope, that would’ve been TOO convenient!


This is where I did dishes last night after Dale hit the point of no return on the pipes during bedtime songs and prayers…..this occured BEFORE he could warn me that no running water was going to be allowed until further notice!


Super crusty dishes plus cold water doesn’t equal very clean dishes. Yuck. I will re-do them as soon as the water privileges are back!

The list of things that broke this week goes on longer than I’ve mentioned, but I am going to choose to quit here, lest you think I’m a complainer.  Rather, I’d like to say this:


God is SO good.

Here is the tractor, loaned to us for free to fix the broken poo-water pipe, saving us from renting one:


By the way, here is the culprit of the broken Lateral line aka Poo Pipe:



Here is the Lowe’s gift card we were blessed by early this morning by one of the Lord’s vessels:


We used it for NEW poo-pipes. Thank you for the blessing, Angel from the Lord! This Do It Yourself Project just saved us the $1500 it would’ve cost to hire it done!!!!!!

This is my ride until the Tahoe is fixed, loaned to us by a generous uncle:


I might be a truck girl after all! 

*I am jumping in here to add a new note before I publish this, I just got off the phone with Dale.  Remember how the Tahoe cost $700 to repair? Guess who is getting a $700 commission check in 2 days.  YUP, us!  God is GOOD!

Here is Pax, totally entertained while I make supper:

No crying baby at my feet!!!!


Yay for free entertainment!

  I wish I had good news about little Saprina, but she is still nowhere to be found.  We did drive around last night and talk to some neighbors. We also put up a few signs to make Destiny feel like we are doing SOMETHING to find her wayward friend.  Even our wiener dog, Sophie runs around outside, whining and crying, running to and fro looking for her BFF, Saprina.   😦


May the Lord guide her little furry steps safely back to us, or may the right people see the signs and return her….Amen.

Remember my $4 account?  Here is our bank account the next morning: 


PTL! Just in time and just enough to cover the $250 in outgoing bills, with a little extra even!
Know why?  Because God is a God of EXTRAS. 

He is lavish in His love.  Even down to details we deem “silly”.

And there is more…..

Here is my cherry on top for the day:

Sweet treats from a precious friend who knows my need for comfort food, as well as my major Ice Cream weakness!  She even picked one of my top 2 favorite brands, and look at all those flavor choices!!!

One scoop of each? Why yes, please!


And….another cherry on top!


A Bonus bonus?!


Another person sent over the Christmas décor I wanted from her garage sale but knew I couldn’t buy!  What a great surprise!

God is good all the time, All the time God is good……

He always provides, and sometimes even throws in a couple cherries on top!

Praise His name!



My Little Ladies: 8 & 3 Year Old Photo Sessions

  My little ladies are 8 and 3 now.  I grabbed a shot or two of each girl at Destiny’s party, but I wanted a few more.  And, of course, some of them together too.


  I am pretty happy with how these turned out, considering it was past bedtime on a school night and they were exhausted & whiney.  A lot of Avery’s turned out blurred. 😦  I’ll have to get some more of her another time…..

012 (2)018029 (2)

036038046 (2)060063070071080081 (2)088095 (2)099 (2)102108118146126138154160168183190


“Looky, Momma! My dress spins!”




The rickety old junk-filled outbuildings on our property that used to drive me crazy, are looking more and more appealing all the time!  What a fun place to take photos of my sweeties!


Happy Birthday, Sweet Avery!

Today is a special day!



n762190229_4175882_1385Today is Avery’s Birthday!  And mine too.  She’s the best Birthday present I have ever received! 

She was born 08-01-08 and I was born



Neat, huh?! 


She turns 3 today, and this Momma turns 3-0. {Oh boy!}


  My dearest Avery, no one would ever guess you weighed a whopping 10 pounds 3 1/2 oz at birth, (Or that your daddy made the nurses weigh you on 2 different scales because he thought they had to be wrong!), or that you would be our biggest baby ever. 


Avery 11 hours old                                              Avery 1 day old

You’re such a teeny little thing now!!!! 


  And boy, do you have spunk! You always have had that onrey twinkle in your eye. I like to tease you that it’s from your Daddy. 



You look just like his side of the family you know, right down to the baby blue almond shape eyes.


Your happy grin brightens any room. 



You look like an angel when you sleep.


Sometimes when you’re awake too.


166136_180111815346562_100000432343062_509133_7731410_nSometimes, not.

“Look, Momma. I push him. He cry.”


Your cry can pierce any ear drum, as it has from the get-go.



Your love of reading started at an early age.


You are so creative in your play.



You aspire to be a wife, already praying for your future husband at times. 020021

And you want to be a mommy, too…….


You’re going to be great!031


You’re always eager to be our big helper!


You melt my heart whenever you reach up and slip your teeny hand in mine. “Can I hold you hand, Momma?”  064-3

  Oh precious girl, how the years have passed us by.  057-2

  How I wish I could stop time and just really hold you and give you the one on one moments you deserve.


It’s a good thing a Mother’s love doesn’t divide, it multiplies, because you joined our family when Tylan was 17 months old.n762190229_4666440_1214n762190229_4666441_1530

And, 2 weeks after you turned 2, your baby brother, Paxton came along.


“I’m da baby too, Momma……”


I may not always get to hold you in my arms as much as you ask me to, and that makes me cry.


  I may not always stop and listen to your whole story because of the demands of the other children.


I may not get to rock you as long as you’d like me to each night before bed.


Sometimes, I can’t play Hide and Seek right when you want to.


But you know what?


I love you so much…… 


My little Peanut, my blessing from the Lord.


I promise to stop and hold you just a moment longer each night.


I promise to give you the time and attention you need.


I promise to never make you feel like I am too busy with the baby to give you what you seek.043

You are SPECIAL!  And you are my favorite Birthday Gift of all!201

Little Avery, you make my heart smile and I love you to the moon and back.


Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet little one!


All my love and kisses too,


Your Momma      xoxo

Tangled & Sausage Wontons

Playing Rapunzel has always been a popular game at our house….. 004Even more so now that we’ve seen the movie “Tangled”.

For those of you who haven’t been privileged to watch it yet, it’s a darling spin on the Rapunzel story.  We loved it!  In the movie, Rapunzel battles it out with a “bad guy” several times, using a cast iron skillet.

  Guess who has changed the way she plays Rapunzel?

“Ima gonna KNOCK doze bad guys!!!!”


Watch out Tylan, Avery has a skillet and she knows how to use it!



I love it!

  All that battling makes me hungry, so on to the Sausage Wontons……………a big thank you to my friend from church, Shanna for sharing the recipe for these tasty morsals with us!

  Oh my goodness, you’d never in a million years guess how much flavor is packed in these little cups of goodness. Comes together easily and makes for a beautiful appetizer platter!

Sausage Wontons


  • 1 package Wonton Wrappers
  • 1 pound ground Sausage, Cooked And Drained
  • 1 cup Chopped Black Olives
  • 3 cups Colby Jack Cheese Shreds
  • ½ cups Chopped Green Pepper
  • 1 cup Ranch Dressing

Preparation Instructions

Spray muffin tins and press wonton wrappers into cups. Lightly spray again. Bake at 350* for 6 minutes. While baking, combine cooked, drained sausage, cheese, pepper, olives and Ranch. Remove cups from oven to cookie sheet and divide mixture between them. Bake 5-8 minutes at 350*. Makes 48 wontons.




Tub Time Traditions

  There is just something so darn cute about babies in the bathtub!

066069                          At around the 8 month mark, we take a bath time photo of our children in the sink.  I am not sure how this tradition got started, but it seems once I decided to decorate my red & black bathroom with black & white bath time pictures of baby Destiny, taken by my cousin many years ago, it was deemed necessary to continue,  as other little Fergusons turned 8 months old.

  Forgive me, but I am far too lazy to take these out of their frames and go scan them……










Here they are as you see them in the bathroom…..I need to get Paxton’s photos ordered and into the frames already!


  You have no idea how many years I walked into this bathroom, and dreamed of the day when I’d have 4 babies to photograph and fill this frame.     044

  Funny the things that can make you sing praises to your Heavenly Father, isn’t it?