Basement Birthday, MCC & Ree Makes 3: Part II

 This is continued from Post I.  Live Writer seemed to think I had TOO many photos for just one post.  {It’s true}

I got to go meet the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond on Thursday! I couldn’t share it with you all Friday, because of Weekend Potluck, so I bumped it to today! Thus, the MEGA full post! I went with my best friend, Kasey and of course, I took my camera to photograph the whole thing. 🙂

My notebooks of Tasty Kitchen print-offs ready to be signed….



“We are going to meet PIONEER WOMAN!!!!” {Squeeeeeeeeeeee!}


Crazy Driver, oops! I meant, The Driver.


  I don’t know HOW we got lost and had to drive all over creation to find the theatre. I mean, I gave SUCH good instructions. I am pretty sure Kasey has laughed until she has cried several times over my notes. Well, I thought I listened to Dale VERY Carefully. I don’t drive in Wichita and apparently that makes a difference in the kind of notes you take?!?!?!?!?

Despite some squealing tires and hair pin turns, we still made it on time (with ONE MINUTE TO SPARE) to get seats at the back of the theatre. Good thing we had great tickets, numbers 203-204.


Ticket numbers 500 and up, had to stand outside in a line around the building. Highest ticket number we heard?


After an hour of waiting, she came on stage!

Ree Drummond!!!!!

  She gave the CUTEST slide show presentation about her life and start of her blog. This presentation included ugly food photos, cowboy butts, photos of her babies and of course, Charlie. The Charlie portion including a lovely song. She seriously had us cracking up!!!!!


They had her come sit at a desk right in front of where we were seated and began to call ticket numbers, starting 1-25.


Cowboy Josh was there, and quite a hit with the ladies.


We waited another 2 hours until they called our ticket numbers. Can you imagine how long number 1500 waited?!?!?!?!


Then, the big moment…..IT WAS OUR TURN! The ladies that worked up there almost didn’t let me go through! Saying TWICE, that they were just SURE I had already been through once. One even checked my books out to be sure they weren’t signed. {I think they thought I was you, Jamie Wyatt!} 🙂

Once I got through the Bookstore Body Guards, our 30 seconds sure went fast, and I am not sure I can remember what all was said. Honestly, the only thing I can remember was teasing her that her cheeks must hurt from smiling so much, so we all massaged our faces a bit before this mini photo session. Poor thing was soo sweet, but you could tell she was exhausted! And still had ticket numbers 250-1500 to go!


Thanks to a HUGE surprise from Kasey’s sweet Momma, Pam, I had a REAL cookbook for Ree to sign in addition to my two “homemade” ones. {Squeee!!!!}


We headed to Newport Grill for supper at 9, exhausted but thrilled with our fun “Mom’s Night Out”. The first one in a long time with no nursing babies waiting for us at home!



ROCK SHRIMP CIGARS melted leeks, pineapple, fresno chili


BABY ARUGULA SALAD: shaved fennel, celery, Belgian endive, pomegranate, goat cheese, apple, sherry vinaigrette IMG_7104_thumb1

Served with Artisan Bread with sweet salted butter


Smoked potato “tater tots”


The waiter made Kasey do a blind taste test. Hysterical! {She nailed it!}


HAWAIIAN AHI TUNA hazelnut brown butter, crispy brussels sprouts, quinoa & tart cherries


It was SO GOOD!

Dessert with Banana Bread Pudding with caramel and ice cream. But alas, I was too busy eating and did not get a shot! 🙂

We started driving home at 10, full and yawning, no longer used to being out so late! Does that mean we are getting old, or does that mean we have 7 young children between us?

Let’s go with the second option…..

Welp, that’s all folks. Thanks for letting me share ALLLL my photos with you! 🙂

Happy Monday,