Bistecca Pizza Al Forno

   This recipe was born on a night when I was STARVING for Pizza. Not just any pizza, the gourmet kind, with fresh ground wheat homemade crust.  Easy as a pizza pie, thanks to WonderMill Junior hand-mill!


  I also happened to have picked up at the store, a steak and some arugula, so I KNEW it was meant to be.   We made Steak & Arugula Pizza with a Balsamic Reduction.  Long name, amazing taste!  TRUST ME. 

  I shared a photo on facebook and whined the name was too boring, so one of our facebook friends said we should call it Pizza El Forno!


  I love that!!! Sounds hot and delicious! 🙂 

  Bistecca is Italian for Steak, and Al Forno means cooked in a pizza oven, or open flame grill.  I don’t have a pizza oven, YET, but we do have a smoker grill, so here she is:

Bistecca Pizza Al Forno


bistecca pizza al forno

Head on over to WonderMill’s Grain Wagon website to see the recipe, because I am sharing over there today!  You won’t want to miss this amazing Pizza!