Making Every Moment Count

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Do you know the BEST time to talk to your kids about life, the Bible, manners, their future spouses, hopes and dreams…you know, the heart to heart stuff?

  In the car.


  Yup, the car. 

It’s guaranteed time with your kids near-full attention! I mean really, where are they going to go? They are strapped in! You have a CAPTIVE audience!


Guess that means its time to put down your cell phone.


Guess that means no more starting a movie the second the van door slides closed.


Guess that means turning the radio off.


Talk to them about what they see outside their windows.  Pray for them on the trip to school.  Talk to them about their day when you pick them up. 

Just talk to them.  Then listen.

Betcha you won’t be sorry………

Kids say the coolest things.