I was gone all weekend to Women’s Encounter, where I got to share the good news of a Father who is still in the Marriage Restoration Business.  I was sooo excited but tired when I got home, that I didn’t check my blog posts scheduled, and apparently this one got posted yesterday. Oops! Now you get to read it all over again. Sorry about that! 🙂

  Real quick before we get to the Circus, I want to share that 12 women got Baptized at Encounter. Woot woot!  God moved in mighty mighty ways, the Holy Spirit so powerful, you could feel the reverberations through the room.
If you ever get a chance to go, do. Just do.  Don’t over think it, just go and be changed. Satan will do what he can to keep you from attending, but just know, if he is that threatened by Encounter, it’s bound to be life changing!

  Every year, the First Graders at Central Christian School put on a Circus.  It’s a ton of work for the teacher, but everyone loves it, and talks about it with great anticipation their entire 1st grade year. 

  This is the 20th Annual 1st Grade Circus!!! Let the show begin!

Here they come:

circus 1

This Circus had the most amazing trapeze artists,circus 2

Acrobatic Jugglerscircus 3

An amazingly strong Strong Man, circus 4

A daring tight rope walker and some funny clowns!circus 6circus 5

  Ty likes to play clown so much at home, I was sure that is who he would choose to be.


  But, he informed me he was the Monkey!  They drew names and that is what he selected, he was such a great sport and the cutest little chimp you ever did see!circus 7  The fearless Lion and Tiger and Cougar Tamer, put on a great show!  Then the clowns came back out to make more mischief before the show was over.  circus 8

  Since it was the 20th Annual Circus, Mrs. Penner invited all the former Circus performers to come out onto the gym floor, and stand next to the character they were many years ago.  It was so cool!
Destiny was the tight rope walker 5 years ago now, WOW.  You can see her in the bottom right photo below, in the black leotard, front and center.   
MY BABY! Waaaah!circus 9

That’s the Show Folks, thanks for coming!

~Tylan for Central Christian’s First Grade Class