New Room Part II

  I have an update to the Mini Makeover I shared yesterday.  I had that scheduled loooooong before Papa and Drea called to say they were coming, long before they announced they brought paint clothes and long before they offered to paint the girls room for their Christmas present.  It was all I could do to keep from jumping up and down with joy after 8 long years of hating that wallpaper. 

  Here are the photos from the Mini-Makeover Part II:



Poor poor Harley, all this painting and wallpaper scraping is HARD work!


Look what we un-earthed as we scraped:


Parts of the words:  Dale & Tonya 4 Ever

Here is the original photo I took 10 years ago, as a 20-year-old Engaged young woman, helping to prepare our future home for post honeymoon just a month away. Scan_Pic0002


 AWWWW!  I am such a sap, finding these words seriously made me tear up!

Here is the bedroom now!  Check yesterdays post if you have forgotten what the old looked like.


Cheerful and fun, just right for my 2 favorite little girls!

Next project, applying hot pink circle stickers to the orange walls:


 Thanks to Papa & Drea for a PERFECT Christmas gift!  We will think of you and smile every time we are in there! Love you!


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