It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

  We are working on a project at our house, including ripping up old, nasty, 12-year-old kitchen carpet!  Bleh.    No one EVER EVER EVER should have kitchen carpet, especially not in the sand hills, with a dog and 4 … Continue reading

Holiday Weekend Fun

  Things sure are quiet at our house right now!  After 2 weeks of back to back Florida family staying with us, we are MISSING all of our guests!

Here are the photos from a fun week with Uncle Chad and Auntie Lauren:

  Remember their big news before they came, that not only were they miraculously pregnant, but with identical twins!!!!  (Mono-mono twins that share a sac actually.  This only happens 1% of the time!)  God is so good! 

  Pray for Lauren and Chad as they embark on this HUGE journey to parenthood.  Pray for the twins to remain safely on their own sides, the doctors will watch Lauren closely as the twins grow, so they don’t get mixed up in each other’s umbilical cords. 

  Being pregnant is hard work for BOTH parties apparently.  Afternoon naps were a must while they were here, and I couldn’t resist posting this on Facebook while they slumbered:

Picnik collage-Twins

We had such a fun week just hanging out, no big agenda.


Lauren’s babies wanted a Banana Split…..


Woah! This stuff is COLD!


I’m not so sure I want more of that stuff…..


Hmmm, maybe just a LITTLE more….


So, how about I try some of yours, Auntie Lauren?


I’m feeling a bit sticky, Uncle Chad…..


Great fashion minds think alike…….


Thanksgiving 1: Dale’s side

1- 18 leaf table, a teen table and 1 1/2 kids tables in the kitchen



Time to go home for a quick nap before Thanksgiving 2: My side for supper.


And the GRAND finale to our Thanksgiving Day:

The 3 oldest kids were invited to have a sleep over at Great Grandpa and Grandma’s house with Nana. 



AND as tradition dictates, we put up our Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving!

  kitchen treektichen tree2mantel viewthe manteltree

There is nothing like a twinkly Christmas tree-lit living room that makes me want to curl up in a chair with my feet tucked up beside me, with a cup of tea and a GOOD book!

living room

  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of laughter, love, turkey and gravy, pumpkin pie until you have to unbutton your pants, and thanksgiving to our God and Father who makes all things possible!

Happy Monday!