Merry Christmas 2 & 3

We are never short family when we are home, and were thankful to be able to get together with my extended family and Dale’s family, the 2 days after Christmas…..


Come on over….I have a Chili Cheesecake recipe to share too!

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Trying to Make It A Merry Christmas

It was a different kind of Christmas this year, so soon after burying my daddy….but life doesn’t stop, does it?


On the blog today, our first Christmas in our new place!  Trying To Make It A Merry Christmas
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Cinnamon Puppy Chow

A delicious twist on a Holiday Classic……because sometimes, I amaze myself with my Ah-ha! Grocery Store Moments.

  Ok, ok, fine.  

  I am sure, someone, somewhere, has made this into a recipe…

  BUT, I was standing in the cereal aisle getting ready to buy some regular Chex for Puppy Chow when I saw the Cinnamon Chex.  I was like HMMMM, Chocolate and cinnamon are amazing together, I think I will sneak some into this years Puppy Chow.

  Needless to say, Dale went crazy.  “What is in this? Something is different, but it’s SO good!”

Thankyou, thankyouverymuch.  

Cinnamon Puppy Chow

{click title for easy printable}

Cinnamon Puppy Chow txt

  • 2 boxes Chex Cereal: 13 Oz Cinnamon Chex & 16 Oz Corn Chex {18 Cups Total}
  • 2 cups Chocolate Chips  {What about some cinnamon chips?!?!?! I think so!}
  • 1 cup Creamy Peanut Butter
  • 1 cup Butter
  • 2 teaspoons Vanilla
  • 3 cups Powdered Sugar

On the stove top, melt butter, peanut butter and chocolate chips together at low heat. Remove from heat and add vanilla.
Working with 9 cups of cereal at a time in a large bowl, pour half the chocolate peanut butter mix over your Chex and carefully stir.

Transfer to 2 gallon zip-lock bags. Add the remaining cereal to your bowl and the rest of the melted chocolate peanut butter mixture. Stir carefully then transfer to 2 more gallon zip-lock bags. Divide 3 cups of powdered sugar between all 4 bags and shake away.

Store all together in one large Tupperware making sure to stir the coated cinnamon chex in to the regular ones very well.

OH MY Cinnamon-y Deliciousness!!!!!


Butterscotch Bites

We have been Christmas Treat baking FOOLS at our house lately!!!! We are making Christmas Kisses, Rolo Candy Pretzels, Caramel Roll Cookies, Chocolate Dipped Spritz Cookies, Buckeyes, and of course, Spiced Crackers.  I’d be dead meat if I didn’t make … Continue reading

{Guest Post} God’s Love: The Greatest Gift of All

Mary Kate contacted me and asked if she could share a Christ-based object lesson with you all today. I thought that was a fantastic idea!  Kids love object lessons, and this one would be great to do with the cousins at Christmas, in Kids Church, or a Sunday School setting.

marykate_200x200 (2)
Mary Kate writes at Christianity Cove, please make her feel welcome here at 4 little Fergusons! 🙂
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gods love the greatest gift

God’s Love – The Greatest Gift Of All

Jesus’ life certainly had humble beginnings. It’s important during the holidays to portray greatness, not in the amount of gifts we get, but in allowing God’s love to fill us, like it filled Jesus throughout his birth, life and death on the cross.


  • Balloon, not blown up (but you can stretch it out by blowing once)
  • A bouncy ball, the size of a volley ball (easily purchased at the supermarket—and you can put it under the tree for your own child!)
  • A safety pin


Hide the bouncy ball.


Hold up the un-blown balloon.

Jesus’ life started very humbly. You would not have known him from anybody else. In fact, you might have thought he was less fortunate than others.

Shake the balloon a little and let it wilt over your hand.

He was born in a manger. He had no clothes. His parents were essentially homeless, having left Nazareth to go to some census. Mary and Joseph were working class. They were often sweaty and grimy and worried about the economy. Why do you think God chose people like this to bear his only son?

Because God doesn’t care about things like riches or prestige. He looks at people’s hearts.

Mary and Joseph had very good hearts. If Jesus had anything in his favor, coming into this world as a baby, that was it.

Blow into the balloon. Depending on its size, blow a little or a lot. After nine blows, you want it close to its full size without popping. Pinch it off.

Looks can be deceiving. The baby Jesus actually had a lot going for him. In that region, there were shepherds watching over their flocks by night. And an angel of the lord appeared to them and said, “Do not be afraid. For lo, I bring you tidings of incredible joy. For born to you this night, in the City of David, is a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Blow into the balloon. Pinch it off.

And suddenly appeared a multitude of angels singing, “Glory to God in the highest!”

Blow into the balloon. Pinch it off.

The shepherds came to see this miracle baby. And coming from afar were three Wise Men, bearing gifts of gold, frank incense and myrrh. They were following a star that shown brightly over Bethlehem.

Blow into the balloon. Pinch it off.

And Joseph was warned in a dream that King Herod might try to kill Jesus, knowing he was the Messiah. And the family escaped to Egypt.

Blow into the balloon. Pinch it off.

And when they returned, the boy was raised humbly, in Nazareth, a working class town containing nobody special.

Blow into the balloon. Pinch it off.

Except one. The king of kings. But you wouldn’t know it to look at him. Nobody knew! Not until he started performing miracles as a grown man. And he healed the blind and the sick.

Blow into the balloon. Pinch it off.

And he walked on water and calmed a storm.

Blow into the balloon. Pinch it off.

And he fed 5,000 in one place and 2,000 in another on a couple loaves and some fish.

Blow into the balloon. Pinch it off.

You would think this man would now be so loved and so famous. His own disciples thought he was going to ascend the throne in Jerusalem and they would be…

Tie a knot in the balloon and hold it up.

princes and royalty, who would serve out a royal kingship forever! What started with a humble quiet Christmas should have ended with bigness and greatness. But lots of men were jealous of Jesus. They wanted to take his powers away. They wanted to…

Pick up the pin, stick it in the balloon, and break it.

kill him. And they did.

Hold up the broken balloon.

A humble life starts on Christmas and ends on Good Friday, 33 years later.

Lay the balloon down with some sadness.

Or does it? We’re here today and we celebrate Christmas every year in hope. We know that humble beginnings make for great endings, no matter what. We’re waiting for Jesus to come back. Only this time, He’ll be in a different form…

Bring out the bouncy ball.

Matthew 24:42 says, “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.”

Bounce it a couple times.

Let’s remember that the best gift we get on Christmas is a chance to be humble, to be like Jesus, who is coming back great…and who will make us great too! We just have to believe.

Have the students form a circle and bounce the ball to each other, thanking God for something “simple” with each bounce.

  If you enjoyed this lesson, be sure to check out my Ultimate Mom Challenge Christian Parenting Cheat Sheets! It’s an extensive guide of challenges designed to help your family put Christ and His love and joy back into various holidays throughout the year!

Mary Kate Warner

Mary-Kate is a regular blogger at Christianity Cove. You can often find her writing about Christian Motherhood, Homeschool Teaching, Bible Study and Sunday School Activities, Faith and inspiring children to love God.

4 Frosty Little Fergusons

  Over Winter Break we had our second snow of the Season and it came down on and off for 2 days!  It was SOOOO beautiful! 

IMG_0265IMG_0424Collage 3Collage 2Collage 4Collage 6

The results of Paxton’s first Snow Ball Fight:

Something is cold and yucky on my face……..


I don’t like it!


Get it off! {sniff sniff} Please?


I don’t think I liked that game very much.


Collage 7Collage 8Collage 9

  Push us down the hill, Daddy!  Ahhh! NOT BACKWARDS!

Collage 10

  Hey, that was fun, do it again! 

Collage 11

IMG_0349 (2)

Be still my heart.


Collage 13Collage 14

Dale: “Hey guys, want to know what happens when a Squirrel lands in a tree?”

Collage 15AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAD!

Collage 16

That was AWESOME!

Pax: “Whatcha doin’ guys?”
Kids: “Do it again, Daddy! DO IT AGAIN!”

Collage 17Collage18

Pax: “Cold!”


  I figure if we are going to have cold temps, it might as well be white and GORGEOUS outside, right?!



Back to Life, Back to Reality

    I have the song stuck in my head today: Back to life, back to reality.   Ugh.  Winter Break was great and I am SO sad to see everyone back to school and work routine! 

  I think I enjoyed this break extra much, because after a busy end of the year push, I am all caught up on photo editing for the Season.  That means I am actually enjoying taking photos of my own family again. {This is something I want to take into consideration next year when taking sessions.} 

  After all the Christmas Celebrations passed, we had lots of time left to just enjoy each other before the break was over and Daddy had to go back to work.  We didn’t make any big plans, just hanging out, reading, doing crafts and playing games.

We introduced the kids to the game Guessturesthat my mom has from back in the day. They still make it, so it must be a keeper.  It was so fun!

collage 1

  There was lots of Lego building and Lincoln Log constructing over break.


Thank you Sock Bun, for making it look like I have time to curl my daughter’s hair!

Collage 2

Wednesday night church party:


Dale decided to teach me Texas Hold ‘Em over break.  Lets just say I kicked some booty!  I like Beginners Luck!  Poker Collage txt
Second and third night we played? Not so much beginners luck leftover, bummer.

The girls got this cute kitchen for one of their Christmas gifts from us.  After they went to bed one night, I decided to play a trick on them.


I had their Dolls trash the kitchen and raid it of ALL it’s sweet things!

IMG_9665Collage 2

 Oh such NAUGHTY little girls!  I think they have tummy aches.
My girls thought it was pretty stinkin’ hysterical!


  We went to the library for new books, and I even got some!  I spent a few quiet nap times with a bowl of soup and a super good Christian fiction.  Oh, how I have missed reading a grown up book!


  There was plenty of time for Crafts after 2 days of beautiful snow, YAY!  I will share more about this particular snowy day craft another day.  

Collage 1

There is always time for a chapter book before bed, this time it’s The Mouse and the Motorcycle

And lets not forget all the Plays that were put on!


Tomorrow will feature 4 frosty little Fergusons, from our snow day fun!

Snow day