4 little Fergusons in Colorado

  Dale’s family just had a reunion in Silverthorne, Colorado.  The last one was 10 years ago, and I was stuck at home, 4 weeks from delivering Destiny Joy.  Little did we know, I would go into false labor and have 3 minute apart contractions while Dale was high on the mountain top with no cell phone reception.

  Needless to say, several {11} panicked phone calls later, Dale sped back home to me……and then waited a month.  {sigh}  That was not too fun. 

Who has 3 minute apart contractions for a MONTH!?

Oh wait. ME. 

Every single time. 

Anyhow, this time I got to go along, and we had such a fun time.  Grandpa and Grandma have 10 children, and Dale lived with them in Highschool, so they all forget he is a Cousin not an Uncle to their kiddos.

  Here are photos from our fun trip:

  Ever since we did our 18 hour car trip to Georgia, we feel so much more prepared to handle road trips that seem short in comparison!  Destiny went ahead a few days early with her Cousin and BFF, Brooklyn.  We all missed her terribly! Co 1IMG_0764 copy

  All 50+ of us stayed in one big house, ages 8-82.  It was really awesome!  If you are going to Colorado with a big group, please check out Summit Peaks Riverside Lodge, you will NOT be sorry!!!  We rented East and West sides of the house, so we had a 2 sided kitchen, 2 dining areas, a living and a family room and two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms. It was great! They were even so kind to loan us a kitchen aid for homemade cinnamon rolls one morning.  Great people to work with!

  If you book this, please tell them that Tonya Ferguson sent you!!!!

co 2

  Also a bonus, there is a park within walking distance from the house.  Co 3

    There was plenty of times for games, nature walks and just catching up!co 4Co 5Co 6IMG_0589 copy

  One afternoon we headed out for a 2 hour train ride up the mountain….Co 7IMG_0599 copyCo 9Co 10

  Then it was SKIT NIGHT!  I think these photos tell the story well. Needless to say, everyone had a good time.Co 11

  One afternoon, we headed up to Brekenridge in the “Bubbles” as Paxton called them.

co 12

   We even got to hike up the oh-so steep mountain side to climb a big snow pile.  I am no skier, but I can tell you I plan to keep it that way!  I could barely stand walking up and down the slope, let alone thinking about flying down them at uncontrolled speeds.  Plus, pizza for my family would’ve been $60.  Not happening……but it was fun for a mini visit! 🙂

co 13

 We made sure to get some family photos before we all took off for the fireworks.  You can’t beat the Mountains as your backdrop!

Co 14

Grandma got the giggles during their part of the shoot.  I still don’t know what is funny, but these photos are some of my favorite, EVER.  You can tell after 60 years, their love has only grown stronger.co 15Co 16IMG_1206 copyIMG_1217 copyco 17

And of course, we couldn’t pass up re-creating this old timey photo of 6 of the 10 siblings!co 18Flashback Collage 2

Mission Accomplished.

  We enjoyed Fireworks over Dillon Lake, headed back late with some super sleepy kiddos and I packed in the darkened room for our return trip home.

co 19

  We hit the road mid morning July 5th, and headed back to our Home Sweet Home. That trip home is never any fun, is it!?!

  The kids did great, but this Momma was sure dreading life and laundry, bills and returning phone calls that awaited us when we arrived.

  We had an amazing time, and I am so blessed to be a part of such a close-knit and FUN family!

And with such stinkin’ adorable Grandparents to boot!  Winking smile


IMG_0947 copy