Beating the Heat in Colorado

Beating the Heat in Colorado on the blog today!

Can we go back now?  😉

Hugs, T

Garden of the gods


Our last day in Colorado was spent at the Garden of the gods.  It was pretty busy, and we had trouble finding parking, so go early, but WOW was it ever awesome.

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Hope you had a great 4th!
Hugs, T


Colorado Springs Adventures (In Odyssey)

We finally got to mark something off our bucket list:


Visiting Whit’s End from the Adventure in Odyssey CD’s we LOVE!

Oh my goodness, the whole Focus on the Family campus is just incredible.  We even got to get a WodFamChocSod!  (seriously WOW)

Come on over to the new RV Oilers Blog to read more about our Colorado Spring Adventure In Odyssey!


Hugs, T