Tortellini Chili & Cheesy Fondue Bread

  Did you all have a fun weekend?   We don’t love Halloween and all that surrounds it, but we do love to dress up! So, we either head to Fall Fest at church, or we go see family members … Continue reading

Hubcap Hubbies, Cowboys & Indians and A Horse (of course)

  We had a great evening last night celebrating Fall Festival at church & going to visit my Grandparents and a few teachers and friends.  I chose not to take my camera in with us to the church Fall Festival, & I was glad I didn’t! It was all we could do to keep track of our little horsey in that big crowd.  🙂 

  As you can imagine, it is super-duper late at this moment, as I am staying up to get these photos ready for you.  So without further adieu, here they are:

These first few are taken Friday after school, Destiny wasn’t home and Pax was napping, so there are none of them alone. Sad smile


Pax has spent the better part of our weekend in this Cowboy hat from Tylan’s costume.  He is so proud of himself when he can get his short little arms up high enough to get it on and off his head.


*Take note of this typical Male move right here……Come on, who teaches them this stuff, really!



Fall Fest 2011 001Fall Fest 2011 007




The Ol’ Stink Eye


Yes, that IS a Hubcap. 

Found in the shed and wired to his belt……..So stinkin’ hilarious!


This next one is one of those unintentional shots that turn out so fun!!




Didn’t Destiny do a great job on these last few photos?! My little up and coming assistant!  🙂

  Hope you had a fun evening and your sugared-up kids CRASHED right into bed and slept all night long for you…..mine oldest 3 had 4 pieces of candy which is SUPER DUPER exciting at our house!  We brushed teeth extra extra good tonight, and no sugar for a while!  I grew up with my mom telling me this, but another mom last night reminded me: white sugar knocks the immune system for 5 hours!  I am not willing to deal with that now, since the pukes and bronchitis are going around!  Ew.

Happy Tuesday!