Gone Country

  Sooo, I have been residing in the Country for a little over 10 years now, and I love love love it.  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I grew up in a big house in a nice part of town, and never ever once imagined myself being a Country girl.


  I hated getting dirty, I liked paved roads, neighbors right next door, and being only a minute or two from the nearest mall. I was a make up loving, curling iron toting, don’t get your nails dirty, shop till you drop, City Girl all the way! 

Until I met Dale. 



  My Corn Fed Country Boy straight from the Dairy Farm.

  Guess that life grows on ya, because he had me at hello!  Fast forward a few years, and I can honestly tell you, if I have any say in it, we will never move out of the Country. 

  I have learned to LOVE the fact that from my front window, I see trees, not houses or road. I have learned to chase roosters when they try to get my babies. I have learned to shoot a gun.  I have learned to kill spiders with something smaller than a 2×4 and not scream. {not very loud, anyways} And, I have learned that old outbuildings full of junk, make amazing forts for my kids and spots for my photography.


Without further adieu, I give you:…..

How to “Go Country”

Step 1: Move to the Country and fall in love with wide open spaces.our house017 (3)

  Step 2:  While you are residing there, adjust to mice in the winter, {thank God that problem no longer haunts us} chasing foxes and skunks down the lane with a gun, or broom, either works, and say goodbye to purified water.
You will need to adjust to well water that is high in minerals and comes ice-cold straight out of the pump.  {I used to say you had to chew it. Now, I say Mmm mmm good!}

Step 3: Learn to Garden.  This is an ongoing process, and we still have lots to learn, like when to plant garlic and potatoes. I can NEVER remember in time!  Anyhow, last summer we had 5 different garden spots around the yard, and most, were successful.  YAY!  Oh! Oh! AND I over came a really big fear of mine, and we learned to can! Jalapenos, tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce.  Woo-hoo!


Step three: Get Animals…..
First Chickens. 


Then Kittens.  


Next up?  Cows and pigs this Spring.


Ho boy.  Now its really starting to sound Country around here!!!!

Step 4: Learn to eat weird, wild things your husband shoots in your own yard.  Like deer, turkey, or even……………….



  If you follow me on 4 little Fergusons Facebook page, you know what I am about to share.  For those of you that have yet to head over there and “like” us, {pretty, pretty please?} this was my status update:

I can’t believe I just googled “Is it safe to eat squirrel?”
Guess it’s a go, folks. Yikes.

  See, “Do It Yourself Dale” wants us to be able to butcher the afore-mentioned cow and pig OURSELVES, so he built us a meat cooler.  Naturally, he needed to walk the property and “shoot something” to try it out. 

Enter Squirrely the Squirrel.


RIP Mr. Squirrel.

  No, we haven’t eat him yet, he is still hanging in the cooler.  I have tried Black Bear and Beaver at a Game Feed, but Squirrel just seems so, I don’t know, domestic? When we consume him, ugh, I will have completed step 4 to “going Country”.

  ANYHOW, the whole point of this oh-so pointless post, is that I have taken yet another step in embracing this new Country Life of mine, here is it………..

Step 5: Own a pair of boots you call “Chore Boots”, as well as “Bibs” and a “Chore Coat” to keep you warm in the winter.


Clearly, I can check Step 5 off my list, because my sweet husband used his Christmas money from his Momma, to buy me a set of “Bibs and a warm Chore Coat”.  I was super honored and surprised at this announcement, and I think it is oh-so sweet!  I felt very loved and cared for by this thoughtful gesture, but I am fully aware, that it could also be that he acted out of sheer sympathy.  ‘Cause I may or may not have chored the other day in 3 inch wedge heeled fur boots. 


I was on my way into town and didn’t want to change.

Note to self:  When choring in 3 inch wedge heeled fur boots, go ahead and duck those additional 3 inches when stepping through the chicken coop opening.

Just sayin’.

  Alright folks, here it is.  Step 5 and proof I have “Gone Country”.


Awww! Look at our Chore Clothes hanging together in the garage.
It really is the little things that mean so much…..


  This is my “Gone Country” face.  I think it fits the look, don’t you?  Just missing a piece of wheat coming out of my mouth. 






Country Critters

 When I pictured my life with Dale, I imagined a house with a white picket fence….


But what I didn’t imagine was that there would ever be 27 chickens behind that fence!


  I am learning to be a Country Girl, I really am, and I have surprised myself along the way……. 

I LOVE having gardens.

But ask me how much I loved having 4 different ones after summer is over….

  Hmm, one for each kid to maintain?????  haha 🙂


I love living out of town where no other homes are visible.


  I love hanging our wet swim clothes or clean quilts out on the clothesline. 

(This was not allowed in the neighborhood I grew up in…)


I love the fresh, cold from the spicket well water, though at first I swore you had to chew it first to swallow, based on the high mineral content.

  Oh, and have I mentioned, I love my chickens?039

I have?  Many times?


Ok, well, I still do, just in case you were wondering…..

   I love that they come when I call.


Love them enough to have chased Mr. Fox down the lane, yelling and waving my fist (in bathrobe and slippers) to save them. 

Story here.


  Do you remember when my kids used their own money to buy 5 Astrolorp chickens? 


  It has been a really great way for them to take responsibility and care for them each day as part of their chores.   

  Well, Grandma Eileen, being the thinker she is, had a great surprise early/late Birthday present in store for the kiddos:004

 002 She got us Silkie Bantam chickies, with the promise of Americana’s to come, once they are hatched.009013 

To say the kids were excited, would be an understatement!



Pax thought they sure looked tasty!



No kidding, this is what they should look like once they are full-grown.


  We got the sightless kind because they are supposedly easier to care for.

BAHAHAHA! Just teasing.

Yes, this really is what they will look like, and yes, they can see under that mop of fur.

Aren’t they just so stinkin’ adorable!?!?!?!?!?!  {cue girly squeeeeal}

  The fun thing about the country life, I am learning, is that we have our fair share of other critters out here too:

Like Raccoons


Salamanders named Sam


As you can tell, Tylan is not to impressed with the visitor on his shoulder.

Right after this photo of little 1 year old Avery was taken, Sam the Salamander took off up her arm. She came UNGLUED! For weeks after, she’d tell the tragic tale, in her little teeny baby voice, showing with motions how Sam ran up her arm to her shoulder. She ended the story with “And I cwy and CWY!” (And, I cry and CRY!) 

Princess the Possum. who sadly, did not visit for long.


Baby Birds in the clothesline pole each year.


Mr. Turtle





Speaking of deer, we got to go meet a little rescue fawn recently, she was precious!


Just today, we had a Momma turkey and 11 little ones come visit…


Oh, and I can’t forget a peeping squirrel or two….


  I love it! 

  In addition to these wild critters, we are talking about adding Goats and a Beef Cow to our family……. 



But, we’ll just take this Country Critter thing 1 step at a time!