“Child Safe” Scissors? Riiiight.

  Avery loves to have “cutting time”.  Cutting is a great thing to learn around age 2.  I promote it!  I am glad she enjoys it!  It’s great for their developing motor skills!

Avery is grounded from scissors until further notice.

Avery decide to use said scissors to saw off a chunk of her hair.

And I do mean saw off. 

They are Child Proof Scissors.  They aren’t supposed to cut anything but paper.  They are dull as all get out.

Exhibit A:

Guilty face. Nervous giggle. 

“Uh, momma? I cut my hair.”

It sounded more like “uhmommaicutmyheyo” in I’m-in-Big-Trouble-so-I-am-Going-To-Mumble  Avery speak.


See the smirk? Oh my word she is naughty.  Waaaaay different than the other kids.  They’d already be bawling at this point from sheer guilt!

Exhibit B:

The hair.


Exhibit C:

BIG trouble!  Pondering life and all it entails. 


Asking me: “Do I not have long hair like Destiny anymore?”


Exhibit D:

This is after I told her she would have boy hair if she cut it again.


Ok, not really, this was after I put her in time-out for hitting her big brother, but  it was fitting to the story I thought.

Happy Day to You and Yours…

I am off to hide ALL the scissors.