First Day of School Photos

Fall is here, hear the yell, back to school, ring the bell,
Brand new shoes, walking blues, climb the fence,
Books & pens…I can tell that we are gonna be friends.

  Love that song!  I will tell you more later, about WHY it is stuck in my head at the moment.  Pretty exciting stuff!

  So, school is back in full swing at our house.  For the first time in 6 years, our family is attending somewhere other than Central Christian.  Our family goes back 30 plus years at that school, but the Lord called us to a different school this year.  I will share more about that tomorrow, but for now, here are our first day of school photos!

Destiny first dayTylan first dayAvery first daypaxton first day

I can’t believe summer is over!!!!



Summer Kiddos Photo Shoots

  My photo biz is in full swing, and over the years, I have actually had to start booking a slot for my own kiddos, or it just wasn’t happening!  Kinda like the builders wife never gets her home building … Continue reading

Painting Party

  This weekend, the girls in Destiny’s 5th grade class got to have a Painting Party!  We have the most DARLING Studio downtown now.  You can have a birthday party there, a wine & paint party for Mom’s, or just come and rub shoulders with other artists and work on a project or two.

  This particular gathering was for a rather sad purpose, one of the 9 girls in their grade is moving away.  We wanted Cassie to have a special last memory with her friends, so this was the perfect scenario, especially since she was going to leave with not only her owl painting, but a painted canvas full of notes from her friends.

paint party 1  Cassie is the one in the coral shirt.paint party 4paint party 2

  From the get go everyone was giggling and having fun….even the Moms over on the couch area. 

  To start, the girls were to choose 5 colors, plus white for their owl picture. It was cool to see all the different color combos come out, per each girls personality.paint party 3paint party 5paint party 8paint party 6  Miss Lacey, the instructor, talked them through the Owl Painting, step-by-step.   She said the girls did WONDERFULLY, as this is an extra hard painting for their age group.paint party 10paint party 9  They spent 2 hours on these paintings before we got to the final touches.  Ivy is showing below, that clearly standing on your chair gives you that oomph you need to finish up.

paint party 11   And apparently Destiny decided whipping her hair through her paint plate would be an add artistic flare to her hair do? It’s still not out after 2 washings, thankyouverymuch.  At least its kinda pretty?!

Here is the signed canvas:
Such a perfect gift for Cassie to hang in her new room in her new home!paint party 12

  The final product and tired, but happy girls!paint party 13

  If you are looking for a unique place for a Mom’s Night Out, Sunday School Class party for a couples His & Hers paintings, or a special kiddos Birthday Party, this Studio is the place for you! 

  If you are local, and would like more information from me, feel free to drop me a note on facebook and I can give you some specifics.

  Hugs, T


  I was gone all weekend to Women’s Encounter, where I got to share the good news of a Father who is still in the Marriage Restoration Business.  I was sooo excited but tired when I got home, that I didn’t check my blog posts scheduled, and apparently this one got posted yesterday. Oops! Now you get to read it all over again. Sorry about that! 🙂

  Real quick before we get to the Circus, I want to share that 12 women got Baptized at Encounter. Woot woot!  God moved in mighty mighty ways, the Holy Spirit so powerful, you could feel the reverberations through the room.
If you ever get a chance to go, do. Just do.  Don’t over think it, just go and be changed. Satan will do what he can to keep you from attending, but just know, if he is that threatened by Encounter, it’s bound to be life changing!

  Every year, the First Graders at Central Christian School put on a Circus.  It’s a ton of work for the teacher, but everyone loves it, and talks about it with great anticipation their entire 1st grade year. 

  This is the 20th Annual 1st Grade Circus!!! Let the show begin!

Here they come:

circus 1

This Circus had the most amazing trapeze artists,circus 2

Acrobatic Jugglerscircus 3

An amazingly strong Strong Man, circus 4

A daring tight rope walker and some funny clowns!circus 6circus 5

  Ty likes to play clown so much at home, I was sure that is who he would choose to be.


  But, he informed me he was the Monkey!  They drew names and that is what he selected, he was such a great sport and the cutest little chimp you ever did see!circus 7  The fearless Lion and Tiger and Cougar Tamer, put on a great show!  Then the clowns came back out to make more mischief before the show was over.  circus 8

  Since it was the 20th Annual Circus, Mrs. Penner invited all the former Circus performers to come out onto the gym floor, and stand next to the character they were many years ago.  It was so cool!
Destiny was the tight rope walker 5 years ago now, WOW.  You can see her in the bottom right photo below, in the black leotard, front and center.   
MY BABY! Waaaah!circus 9

That’s the Show Folks, thanks for coming!

~Tylan for Central Christian’s First Grade Class


Back To School 2013

  Yesterday was our first day of school!  Waaah! How is summer OVER already!?!?!

  I missed the Bigs terribly, but the Littles and I did enjoy our one on one time together!!!!

  Avery is a new 5, so her teachers felt it was important for her to wait one more year.  They also explained the benefits of siblings not following each other back to back in school.   Made sense!

  So, rather than do preschool another year, I am homeschooling her.  My little over achiever wanted TWO lessons today, so who was I to say no?  This is the curriculum I am using, so far I love it! Colorful and fun activities!!!!!!  Praise the Lord, it came through Zulilly last week for $14, so I snatched it up!  If you aren’t part of Zulily yet, you are missing out.

  In addition to this curriculum, I have gotten shoes for Tylan for $8, you will see them in his photo below.  Rather than buying one pair for $30, I was able to get him THREE pairs of shoes for less than that last year!!!!!! How fun to have different shoes to go with his different colored uniforms. 

  I have also gotten some neat, hands on Christmas gifts tucked away, and talk about great photo props! I am in HEAVEN!

  If you sign up so that you can receive their emails full of discount boutique items, I would be so blessed if you would use my referral link! 

Thank you! 🙂


  Back to School morning would not be complete without photographs and collages!  They have changed SOOOO much since last year!!!!  Take a peek here.  Eeek! How is that even possible!?

Destiny is in her LAST year of Elementary school…….

Destiny School Collage

This is Tylan’s first year to be at school ALL day.  He was very excited to skip nap time and eat lunch at school ON A TRAY! Too cool!

Tylan School Collage

Avery will be ready for Kindergarten next year! She is such a good little student, blessed to have her home one more year.  There would’ve been some serious boo-hooing yesterday morning if I only had one left at home!!!!

Avery School Collage

  And although he was not dressed for the occasion AT ALL, Mr. Pax INSISTED he get a photo shoot too!  Ok buddy, you are pretty darn cute in your jammies, pull up, crocs and the ever important noise reducing ear plugs.

Paxton Collage

Happy Back to School everyone!  Here’s to a great year….



Happy 10th Birthday to Destiny!

  Eeek! How is this little Punkin 10 already?!  Destiny is growing up into such a young lady, and has blessed us this summer with her servants heart, and desire to learn the things of the kitchen.  This foodie Momma is EXCITED about that part.  🙂

  Here is my baby then:

Destiny collage

And here is my baby now:

Destiny 1Destiny 2Destiny 3Destiny 4Destiny 5Destiny 6Destiny 7075 copyDestiny 9Destiny 10Destiny 11Destiny 12lantern140 copy133 copy139 copy

  Happy 10th Birthday to my beautiful Destiny Joy!

Your smile lights up my heart and our home, and you are the BEST big sister any kid could ask for.  We are blessed to have you in our family and I am so so excited to see the Lord shaping and molding you into the little lady He has called you to be!

Love you, Punkin!


This year, instead of having a friend over to celebrate with, Destiny chose for her Daddy & I to take her on a big girl date.  She didn’t want wrapped presents, but to shop for her own items.  I have a big series coming up, so I am out of days to share this post with you.

   Instead, I uploaded the photos of her special date night, complete with a BIG surprise she has been waiting a whole year for, to my personal Facebook page and shared it to the 4 little Ferguson’s wall.  Check it out!

Happy Birthday Destiny