Destiny’s 1/2 Birthday

  Yesterday was Destiny’s 1/2 Birthday.  If you have kids in school, you know this is a REALLY big deal! 


   095The whole school sings Happy Birthday to you at lunch, and let’s not forget earlier in the week, the BIG decision of deciding what snack you want to bring for all your friends:

Cupcakes, cookies, juice boxes?

  So far, Destiny’s favorite treat to take was Kansas Dirt Cups with gummy worms poking out the top.  Her class requested that 2 years in a row in fact!  (That is what Ty wants next month for his birthday treats.) 

Last year, Destiny picked cupcakes:

Sunshines and butterflies.


This year she says EVERYONE does cupcakes and cookies.  She wanted something different, so we talked through her favorite treats and here is what she came up with:

  Daddy’s Oh-So Famous popcorn (with a special treat thrown in)

bowl of popcorn

   We have popcorn every Sunday Night Snack Supper, it is a family favorite!  Dale makes it in a Stir Crazy popcorn maker with olive oil and white kernels of corn.  Then he adds sea salt and some other “secrets,” it is AMAZING!  (We have friends who won’t go see movies with us unless we sneak them in a ziplock of this popcorn!) He says the key is to do just the right amount of oil so the seasonings stick. 


  I love to add in Hot Tamales while the popcorn is still hot.  Mmmm!

   One time, when Destiny was little, she helped herself to the red “pretties” in my bowl.  She came up to me, eyes huge and watery and said “Hawww Haaww” and pointed to the “HOT” in her mouth. 

Needless to say, despite the initial reaction, Popcorn and Hot Tamales has been her favorite “special treat” ever since.


  I was thrilled when I found these Popcorn bags at the grocery store last week! They were the perfect touch to making this snack extra fun!!!!


 We got permission to come in the afternoon rather than at lunch due to the nature of the snack.  I woke up 2 of my 3 nappers to go, but they perked right up when they found out they got to go to big sisters school!038039043


Destiny’s Birthday snack was a big hit!


“Destiny’s dad should open a movie theatre and sell this popcorn, it’s AWESOME!”


I love Destiny’s teacher and all her friends! 



What a great class! So thankful and polite……


Yes, this is the whole 3rd grade.  (Well, almost, 2 of the girls were gone today….)

LOVE the one-on-one small classes provide! 

Happy Half Birthday to my big 8 1/2 year old!


Love, Mommy


See my new “Stop Censorship” banner top right of this blog? Thank you to my cousin, Cassi for telling me about this!

  This banner is my quiet protest of the legislation trying to get passed on the 24th. Read more about it here.  I have to tell you, the only thing that makes me nervous about these sorts of bills, is that like a frog in boiling water, the heat is being turned up bit by bit as the gov’t gains more and more control.  What if this is step 1 in the bigger picture of stopping me from proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ on my blog?   At that point it’s too late, the water is boiling and the frog is dead.  Are we sleeping as the gov’t slowly takes over our freedoms?

Take action here:

Quote from another blogger I found when I google this topic:

For me specifically, under PIPA, it would be my responsibility to check the provenance of every site I link to, making sure that that URL, or any other page at that domain, did not contain any content that was copyright protected or possibly pirated. If I did link to a site that, for example, contained a scanned copy of a book cover from 1993, I could be seen as encouraging piracy and could therefore be blocked, and my domains could be confiscated. If I linked to a site that someone felt was infringing on copyright by including an excerpt of a book, I could be blocked, frozen and in a heap of trouble. The interpretations of PIPA are too broad for my comfort, and the penalties too severe.

Imagine this restriction in terms of Tumblr and Pinterest, where people share images over and over again, or YouTube.

What makes these pieces of legislation so bothersome and threatening to me is that, in my opinion, they hand over way too much power without defining what can and cannot be done with it. (I realize that people are threatened by piracy, personally and financially.)

I do not think PIPA and SOPA are the correct response, and find them to be much too large a hammer, one that serves those who funded the development of the bill than any actual progress against the relative threat of piracy. They serve to hinder development more than they could ever stop piracy.


The source site, which I have listed below contains words and images I do not feel appropriate. I copied and pasted all she had to say on this topic above, so if you choose to visit, do so at your own risk.