Humanitarian Heart

My favorite thing about doTERRA, is their humanitarian hearts!  They are a billion dollar debt free company with a heart to serve the hurting world around them, and they do it in amazing ways.
Come read and watch a view of the amazing, heart tugging, moments of convention…..

Hugs, T



Friday Feature: Catch Up Edition

That’s it, New Years Resolution to move and grow outside my comfort zone starts NOW.

I am not a selfie taker, makes me feel so self conscience.  I am not a movie maker, or a vlogger, who wants to see themselves talk?  NOT ME!  Vloggers are amazing by the way. Totally amazing!

The Lord is nudging me to new heights in 2017, and in order to obey, I must move into areas that make me uncomfortable.

No, not in improving my selfie skills…….not in creating a Vlog. (Hallelujah!)

Guess who is pushing themselves to create engaging product videos and trainings her for team?





Okey dokey, here goes nothing!

Come on over to RV oilers blog to check out my first 2 videos:

Hugs, T



I am sharing more from our amazing time in Utah on the new blog today!



“I am only one,
But I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But I can do something.
The something I ought to do,
I can do.
And by the grace of God,

~Edward Everett Hale

Hugs, T

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