Happily Ever After: Engagement Session

  I was so thankful to get the opportunity to photograph this darling couple!  They are getting married this summer and are doing things Gods way.  I am so proud of them for standing by their beliefs in a world that doesn’t support that!  I wish them all God’s best as they move forward on one of the most amazing, hard journeys one can embark on…becoming one in marriage.  The very picture of Christ and His church. 

IMG_3917_yesIMG_3928IMG_3944IMG_3919_LOVEIMG_3955_cineramaIMG_3930_IntroducingIMG_3944_polaroidIMG_4033_familyIMG_3964IMG_3989IMG_3968IMG_3974IMG_4069_ringpopIMG_4092-colorpopIMG_4105_boostIMG_4103IMG_4105_boost_I DoIMG_4109-vintageIMG_4112-tight cropIMG_4116IMG_4144tight cropIMG_4166IMG_4181softIMG_4189IMG_4193IMG_4203IMG_4231_middleIMG_4286 (2)IMG_4308-borderlessIMG_4318_signatureIMG_4340IMG_4375IMG_4341-b&wIMG_4356b&wIMG_4403

Congrats, you two! 

Hugs, T

IMG_3956 (2)_square