Family Photos 2018

 While we were home, we decided (read that TONYA decided) it was time for some updated family photos.  The gal we usually use isn’t doing much photography lately, so we tried someone we met at a family wedding.

  I dug around in the laundry room closet to see how close I could get to matching us all without shopping.  My goal is always a few textures or patterns with several colors being pulled from one of them, but times 6 people, it can be HARD!

Our pics are on the blog today: Family Photos 2018


Hugs, T


4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Families

  I love the families that come to me for photos.  What an honor to capture their family at all their ages and stages!   I am not going to lie, this is also the hardest part of my job….it’s always a trick to get kids to look at the camera at the same time, nicely! 🙂  

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Farm Day & Mexican Street Corn

  We spent 8 hours outside at Dale’s family farm doing corn on Monday. It was hot, sticky, exhausting, but FUN!  If you want to know what “putting up corn” looks like, then you have come to the right place. … Continue reading

Photo Week: Families

   Family shoots are always full of excitement, from messaging back and forth about outfits, to praying for good weather and happy kids!

  This family came from far and wide for a get together. I am glad they decided to get family photos while everyone was in town.  They were so fun to work with!  And yes, two of these boys are twins, and one is a cousin close in age.  They are such HAPPY babies and at the go-go-go stage, too!

blog 1blog 2blog 3blog 4blog 5blog 6blog 7

  I was just about to cancel this rainy day session, when a family dressed in red, white and blue came in the drive.  Their sweet faces and cute outfits made the shoot seem sunny, despite the grey clouds above us. 

  While we were at it, we went ahead and took little Graham’s 4 month old photos.  You may remember this sweet Mommy from her snowy day maternity shoot with big sister, Isabelle.

blog 1blog 2blog 3blog 4blog 5

  I have been taking the Silsbee’s photos since I started shooting 2 1/2 years ago.  They were one of my first clients, before I even knew what I was doing.  {not saying I do know either! haha} I love that they trust me to photograph their little girl growing up, and their precious family too.  Dale and I were in Sunday school with them as daters-turned-newlyweds.  It’s been fun to watch their love mature and grow.

  Michele came to me with a beautiful idea from Pinterest.  But as with all things on Pinterest, its harder then it looks.  I later found out there is actually a heart hand app for this shot on your phone that tells you exactly where to line up your arms for each photo.  That wouldn’t have helped us for this shoot, but it was still interesting to know how they did it for pinterest.

  I have to say, I am pretty stinkin’ proud that we did as good as we did, just guessing how it would look in the collage afterwards.  See, they are making a big heart!

  Last I heard, this was being made into a big canvas for their room.   AWESOME! 

20x30 Heart hands (1)blog 2blog 3blog 4blog 8blog 9blog 6blog 5

  And that concludes Family Day on photo week! 


A Different Kind of Photo Shoot

  Family shoots are usually fun, light-hearted events, but sometimes, we have to take a different approach to a Photo shoot.

  This shoot was different.

This shoot provoked laughter AND tears, because this shoot was taken out of urgency.

IMG_4707 copy

The kind of urgency you get when you receive bad news.

IMG_4652 copy

  Dale’s father, not yet 60, was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  Scan_Pic0011

More spots then they can count on his liver, and spots in his lungs too.

We aren’t going down without a fight, both with the doctor and chemo, and natural remedies too. But it didn’t change our feelings on the timing of this Family Photo Shoot.  Some things you just don’t realize you need to do, until you think that maybe soon you won’t get the chance anymore.  

  We wanted to take Papa Dons photo BEFORE the Chemo took it’s toll on his body and his appearance. 

Don 1

  There have been many, many tears shed at our house and many difficult decisions to make, and paperwork to fill out.  

  There have been many serious talks, some with tears, some without, about what was happening to Papa.  

Because of this, the children decided to make Papa Don cards, listing all the reasons they love him. They worked so hard on their pictures.  


We decided at the photo shoot would be a perfect time to give them to him……

Don 2Don 3

  We are believing in Faith, in a God who is the Great I AM.  The perfect Healer.  And we will pray and fight with and for Don until the end, no matter what the end holds. 

IMG_4729 1 copy

  That’s the hardest part about all this,

Praying and believing for the best, yet having to take all steps to prepare and plan for the worst.

Don 4

  But I know this, our Heavenly Father has plans for Papa Don, plans to bring him hope and a future…..IMG_4785 bw copy tight crop

  And until we know those plans, our job is to make each day count as if it were his last. 

Don 5

  But that’s the funny part about all this,

Any of us, at any time could be living our last days, minutes, moments.

Don 7

  So here’s to saying I love you,

Don 9

I care about you,

IMG_4832 1968 copy

You are an amazing example to our children,

IMG_4753 copyIMG_4763 copy

You make us laugh,

IMG_4823 copy

We admire you and your quiet strength,

IMG_4776 crop 1968 copy

Thank you……….Don 10

And here’s to spending just a few more seconds in that hug good bye each time you come over…..

IMG_4584 copy

  For this Earth is not our home……

We are all here but a moment in time.


IMG_4781 vintage copy


Update:  God is so so good!  We have been pursuing both chemo and natural treatments via The Life Vessel and we have some amazing news.  Don’s markers in his blood were over 8,000 his first visit, and the doctor frankly told him he shouldn’t even be here.  2 months later: his marker count came back at 4,000!  Praise God for His healing touch, and may He continue to bring healing to Don’s body as he fights this cancer.  Thank you for your prayers!