4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Family Sessions

  Last year was a busy year for 4 little Ferguson’s Photography, funny how quickly it went from Dale buying me a camera for Mother’s Day to capture my own kids, to me being asked to capture other people’s!  Love it! 

  Here are a few of the Christmas sessions I didn’t get to post before I ran out of December! 🙂

More tomorrow, lots to do around here today!  We are gearing up to host some very special Florida guests. That means 2 more adults and 2 more babies in our 3 bedroom house.

Lots of bed switching and closet moving going on……


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4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Family Sessions

I was a BUSY girl in October!  {and November!!!!} Lots of photo sessions while the weather was warm and the trees were golden. Good thing too, it’s COLD and very stickish here now, as all of the leaves have fallen to the ground.  I have a few more sessions to edit, then I am done until Spring time.  Maybe I’ll actually take some of my own children during the day for fun again! 🙂
Here are some of my favorites from recent sessions:


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More to come soon, I am editing away!  🙂


4 little Fergusons Photography: Sweet Baby Mazie

  I had the honor of photographing this PRECIOUS family recently.  They are a young married couple with a heart for adoption.  Their story is an incredible one, and you can read more here.

  Here are the photos from our session:

IMG_2777-textIMG_2783-annoucementIMG_2821IMG_2823edgesIMG_2849-verseIMG_2869IMG_2877IMG_2885-butterflyIMG_2984IMG_3039IMG_3066IMG_3074IMG_3092-cupIMG_3104-vintageIMG_3121-textIMG_3127 (2) tight cropIMG_3180IMG_3186-white washIMG_3211 (2)



Welcome to your forever family, little Miss Mazie!


4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Family Sessions

My friend Heather is a photographer, so she didn’t really need my services, but the trick is, how do we photograph our own families?!?!  We can’t!  So she and I swapped favors and one day, when we are ready, she will photograph my family as well.  🙂  She took her card to do her own edits, but I couldn’t resist playing with a few of my favorites too.


  This next session was with our new Music Minister and his precious family, they just moved here from Venice, Florida.  Poor cold souls!  Their sweet little one’s teeth were chattering by the time our session was done.  I am afraid my outside photo shoots are over for this year, at least until I have a brave family call for snow photos!  I do not have any equipment for indoor shooting, but one day would love to build a natural light studio so we can shoot rain or shine!

  Gage Family Photo Session 008b&wCollage, no textGage Family Photo Session 011Gage Family Photo Session 031-2Gage Family Photo Session 031goldedgeGage Family Photo Session 038 (2)Gage Family Photo Session 038 (3)Gage Family Photo Session 067colorGage Family Photo Session 069textGage Family Photo Session 072softGage Family Photo Session 079-1Gage Family Photo Session 075Gage Family Photo Session 078vintageGage Family Photo Session 097Gage Family Photo Session 116Gage Family Photo Session 118Gage Family Photo Session 139Gage Family Photo Session 230vintageGage Family Photo Session 244-1Gage Family Photo Session 247Gage Family Photo Session 245colorpopPicnik collage3Picnik collage5Picnik collage-comfort&joy

Gage Family Photo Session 038 (2)text

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4 little Fergusons Photography: Twin Edition

  This is a twin edition in two ways: Twin as in dual photo sessions to share with you & twin as in Twins!

I had the privilege of photographing the precious twin boys of some friends of ours from Sunday school.  We have been in class together for 9 years now and have built great relationships with each and every couple in there!  I am so thankful for the people the Lord has placed in our lives!

  Without further adieu, here are my favorites from their session.


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This next family is also from our church, I did not know them well before the session, but I feel like I do now! They had the clever idea of coming in their camo shirts in honor of their love of hunting.  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session……I had to copy and paste from Facebook as I just cleaned them off my computer.  (hoping to avoid another crash by keeping my photo numbers down!)

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  I am so very thankful that the Lord is blessing our family with these photo jobs, I had 2 more sessions this weekend that still await editing!  I hope to get a few more sessions in before its too cold, because once that happens, I am out of a job! 

  I don’t know enough about my camera to deal with yellow-orange inside lights and bad lighting.  Dale promised me he’d look into building me a frame of some sort to try to reflect the natural light that comes in our bedroom window in hopes of creating a faux studio of sorts.  We shall see!  I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed and stunned that people are calling me to take their photos!  No pressure, right?!?!?!??!  🙂

   I am so so thankful to be able to “play” at this and still suppliment our income during this rough patch. 

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4 Little Fergusons Photography

   Make sure to go back and catch today’s first post for Baked Chicken Taquitos with Creamy-Lime Sauce.  You aren’t going to want to miss that one!

   I was recently privileged to take a family session for some friends of ours from church.  My “just for fun photography” has turned into a nice little endeavor for me, and a total answer to prayer during this tight time in our lives.  This session will take provide the funds for us to get new tires for the Tahoe.  Not a fun way to spend the money, but a necessary evil before winter comes.  I praise God for His continual provision!

  Here are some of my favorites this session:

Bretz Family Photo Session 003Bretz Family Photo Session 010Bretz Family Photo Session 018 (2)Bretz Family Photo Session 023Bretz Family Photo Session 040Bretz Family Photo Session 044-2Bretz Family Photo Session 062-2Bretz Family Photo Session 065Bretz Family Photo Session 067-4Bretz Family Photo Session 069Bretz Family Photo Session 077Bretz Family Photo Session 075Bretz Family Photo Session 087-2Bretz Family Photo Session 089 (2)-2Bretz Family Photo Session 096Bretz Family Photo Session 097Bretz Family Photo Session 098-2Bretz Family Photo Session 099Bretz Family Photo Session 108Bretz Family Photo Session 122Bretz Family Photo Session 132 (2)Bretz Family Photo Session 132 (3)Bretz Family Photo Session 151Bretz Family Photo Session 161-2Bretz Family Photo Session 160Bretz Family Photo Session 170Bretz Family Photo Session 171Bretz Family Photo Session 191-1Bretz Family Photo Session 201Bretz Family Photo Session 211Bretz Family Photo Session 217Bretz Family Photo Session 224Bretz Family Photo Session 236Bretz Family Photo Session 239Bretz Family Photo Session 249 

Thanks to this fun family for such a great session, and for allowing me the opportunity to do this for you!


Bretz Family Photo Session 262-2