Meet Bambie…

  Have you met Bambie yet? 

images (2)

  No, no, not THAT Bambie.

  This one…..

Bambie 4 txt

  Our newest Furry Ferguson. 

  We have been looking for an Australian Shepherd, or Collie, to have as an outside dog, but they are expensive!  Our last outside dog, Elvis, died a few summers ago and we just haven’t found anyone that could fill his doggie shoes.

  Until we met Bambie.

bambie 2

  We needed a dog that was sweet to the kids and kind to the chickens and ducks.  Australian Shepherds are naturally very attentive and will herd kids and chickens to safety.  Bambie was being given away by an owner that knew she needed a better life, after she left for college. She couldn’t take her to the farm for work anymore, so that meant Bambie would be chained up in town all the time.  That is no fun at all!  It was a total God thing and a perfect fit.

 bambie 3

  She only chased Big Brutus once, and after 5 bites of tail feathers, he was cowering in the trees.  

  Take that, ya mean ol’ Rooster!

rooster resize 2

  Now that we all know Bambie is the Queen of the yard, they tolerate each other just fine.

  She is just the sweetest thing and we are in LOVE!


Welcome to the Family, Bambie!


A Day of Remembering…..

  My Grandpa’s funeral was last Saturday, May 4th, it already seems like a lifetime ago.  I decided this weekend, that I was ready to go through photos and share them. 

    I haven’t been to many funerals in my life.  I thought the viewing would be hushed and quiet, and that my kids may not be welcomed there for long.  It was amazing to me how LOUD and joyous it actually was!  Even the funeral director came up to me and said how they loved families like ours, that had hope and peace and even JOY in the midst of sorrow.  He said he could tell we all really loved and enjoyed each other.  From a man who deals in death? That is a real compliment!

  I only have pictures from the afternoon, when I went to set up the Memorial Table for Grandpa.  I wanted it to represent him down to the tiniest details, so we did everything from his Bible and magnifying glass, to the combs and hair clips he used to control his wavy hair….


  Of course we included his rocks and beautiful creations from them, his cologne truck & hammer that have been on his dresser all my 32 years, and his Lemonhead candies.  The clock was set to the exact time he left this world for Paradise.


  We had pictures of our Scooter Parade, which was displayed with his red suspenders, and we couldn’t forget his famous Golf Club-Turned-Walking Stick…..


Dale brought the kids right after school pick up. I wanted them to have a few private moments to see their Great Grandpa for the last time.  They were a teeny bit anxious to come in, wondering what they would see.

They all lined up in front of the casket….

bye grandpa

  After a few moments of quiet, Paxton says:

Gwandpa in HEABEN wiff JESUS???????????  {Grandpa in Heaven with Jesus?}


He RAAAAN up to me to tell me again, Louder this time, where his beloved Grandpa was:

Gwanpa Up der, in Heaben!  IMG_0555

  You can’t tell me children cannot understand death, because I watched it happen in the most peaceful, beautiful way last week.

  Bright and early the next morning, was the burial.  It was SO freezing cold, like 32*!  Not Spring-like weather at all, we bundled up as best we could.  I was honored to be a pallbearer, along with 7 of the 8 cousins.


  See that photo of Paxton? Top right of the above collage.  That is “Grandpa” Glen, he is the husband of our beloved “Gramma” Esther, who went to be with Jesus just 8 hours after my Grandpa.  It was wonderful to have him here to pay tribute to Grandpa in spite of his own grief and loss.

   Inspite of the cold wind whipping around in the tent, it was a beautiful little mini service out there at the grave site.

  I loved when the Pastor laid his hand on the casket and said something about how,

“Our Heavenly Father knew when Maurice would come into this world and take his first breath, but he also knew the exact moment he would leave this world and take his last breath.”

  That is so comforting!  Our lives are carefully planned out, every moment from first breath to last. 10

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.  Psalm 139:16


The children were very curious about how the box with Grandpa’s body in it would go down into the ground, so sweet Grandma agreed to do it right then.  The emotions of that moment played out beautifully on her face….

Goodbye for now, my love, goodbye for now…..


   Then it was time to head across town to have the Memorial Service.
So many Godly men stood and spoke of the life of my Grandpa and the impact he left on them!


   The Grandkids had a chance to share…..there was much laughter, and many tears shed from that pulpit.


I said:

  When I think of Grandpa, my mind goes back to my memories of him when I was a child.  His rough hands gave the best back rubs, I remember the jingling sound of the ever-present keys on his belt, as he took his jaunty steps, hurriedly out of the room.  The way he hopped onto his black bike that he rode all over Glencroft.  The whistle that always slipped with ease from his mouth as he worked.

  But over the years, my fondest memories have changed, grown in ways I never imagined, as I watched my Grandpa become a Great Grandpa to my 4 children.

  I will never forget the way his eyes would light up when they’d come piling into the room, each one taking their turn to give him a hug.  I loved how he asked about school and their day.  How he begged them to come visit again soon.  How he’d get out his rocks and tell what each one was.  How he’d tell them story after story about when he was a little boy, never irritated when they begged for MORE.  And the songs, oh how we loved the songs he sang. “Up Up In The Sky,” “My Mommy Said” and “Mousy” are now passed down to the next generation of children.

  But my favorite memory of all was our Scooter Parade, we did it several different occasions.  He would bundle up so he could ride around and around the block with my kids. He and Pax on his electric scooter, the others on their bikes and trikes.  I don’t know whose grin was bigger, theirs…….or HIS. 

  Memories of my grandpa will live on, echoing through the walls of my home when laughter rings out, in the rock collections in the children’s treasure boxes, in the bedtime songs we sing, and always, always in our hearts as his life and legacy will live on in the memories of my children.

   I want to take a minute, and give them a chance to tell you about their Great Grandpa…..

My brave kiddos came up on stage, proud to tell everyone about this special man in their lives:17

Destiny: He always told the best stories!

Tylan: I like that he is fun and he shares his rocks with us.

Avery: I like his smile!

Pax: Grandpa is in Heaven running with Jesus!

I finished with this:
We know that good-bye is never really good-bye, not when you have the hope of Jesus.  Goodbye is really just “So long for now.”
                         So we say So long for now, Grandpa, so long for now……

   Isn’t that the beauty of our faith and Salvation in Christ?  The knowledge that we WILL see our loved ones again, in a beautiful, perfect and joyous place!

  I know this is long, please remember this blog is the story of my children’s lives, one I want them to be able to reference and read and remember one day.  Before I go, I have one more thing I want to share on here.  I worked many, many nights on this video slide show. I stopped counting hours at 16, but the important thing is, it came from my heart.  It was how I dealt with my grief and the many, many tears I shed while making it and editing it.  This was my way of showing my love and respect to my Grandpa, and I’d be honored to have you watch.

Blessings to you today,



Florida Family



We were so honored to get to host my baby brother, Chad, his lovely wife, Lauren and my two DARLING identical twin nephews, Colby & Brayden at my house for a week!

Last time they came to visit us, which was over a year ago, I took this: 


Needless to say, things were a BIT more lively this time around……Meet Colby and Brayden


   That means 4 adults and 6 kids in a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom home, and you better believe we used EVERY square inch of it.  🙂

  Chad and Lauren were oh-so privilieged to use the boys bunks beds, and we squeezed 1 crib mattress and 1 porta crib into that room with them.  We moved the kids out of their bathroom and gave them strict instructions to use ours all week.  Then, we moved the boys “room” to our closet.

  Now before you panic that I am putting my children to bed in a closet, let me show you a photo and remind you, that when we added on, I was VERY specific in the dimensions of my walk in closet.  It’s bigger than their bedroom and easily fit 2 cots, and all the other stuff we have to store in there!


  It was a great week, days full of play time with the boys, and keeping 6 kids happy, napped and fed turns out to be a pretty full time job in itself. The grown ups stayed up each night until 11:30 talking or playing cards, which was all fun and games until 5:30 am rolled around and the boys were waking up with Dale’s alarm. Winking smile

  Here are the photos from our week together: collage 1


Collage 2Collage 3

  We had several visits from Great Grandpa and Grandma, Nana was here every night, Aunt Viv was in town from Oregon and little David, who was due the same time as the twins this summer, even brought his mom and dad over for a visit one evening so he could meet his cousins. 

Collage 4Collage 5Collage 6

We even Face Timed Aunt Gena in Phoenix in case she didn’t get back in town in time to see the boys…..

Collage 7

I don’t know WHAT the mommy’s were doing behind my head, but it sure musta been strange!

Collage 8

  Check out these proud Aunties and Nana!

Collage 3

  And how about a proud Great Grandpa & Grandma, with their SEVEN grandkids!


Sweet babiesCollage 9

Meeting the Chickens…..

Collage 11


  Family shots:Collage 8Collage 10    

  I wouldn’t be Aunt Tonya, if I didn’t get some photos of the boys while they were here.  Thankfully, we had some crazy, totally random warm spell, so we were able to go outside for a mini shoot.

Collage 12Collage 13

IMG_1691eIMG_1708 vintage

  Oh my SWEETNESS, I miss them already!!!!!

~TIMG_1644e vintage


Preparing to Say Goodbye

  How do you say Goodbye?  How do you eloquently put into words just how much you love someone, or how much they mean to you?

How do you know what you will wish for later, after they are gone?

“If only I had asked this one last question….” 

“If only I had hugged him a little longer last time we were there….”

“If only I could remember the way he told that story….

  A few weekends ago, my extended family did just that: gathered together to prepare to say good-bye to my Grandpa, who is 82.  He has congestive heart failure and his organs are beginning to shut down, signaling the beginning of the end of his time here on Earth with us.  A difficult reality to face.  But we didn’t let it stop us from having fun;  we sat around and listened to stories, ate yummy soup, celebrated a birthday and just enjoyed each others company!


  I don’t know how a non-believer would ever make it through such a time as this.  I mean, I can be sad my grandpa is preparing to leave us one day, but I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that he is going to a better place; a place with no pain, no suffering.  A place where I will one day go as well.  So, goodbye won’t really be goodbye, just “So long for now!”  Praise Jesus!

   In honor of a life well lived and being the best grandpa a kid could ever ask for, I have put together some photographs of him….from my childhood through the childhoods of my children.  Such a special treat to have Great Grandpa within minutes of our home, one who is so involved and playful with my 4 little Ferguson’s. 

  A man of God who loves Jesus first and foremost, who speaks of or sings to Him at the drop of a hat.  A man who can bird call, rock polish, and shoulder rub with the best of them….he is a man I am proud to call my Grandpa!

   I may get some frowns for doing this now, while he is still here with us and fairing well, but honestly – Why wait until he is too sick to read this, or already gone to be with his Savior to post this?  I’d MUCH rather do this now, so he can read it and know just how much he means to me, to our family. 

  We love you Grandpa, and today we honor you!!!

the grands

Love and hugs


  My Grandma was my very first babysitter when my mom returned to work at the cafe’.  I was the first grand baby, and Mom says Grandpa would stop to see me almost every single day on his way home from work. 


He says I smiled at him first.  🙂





Along came the Great Grands:


016020018017013008gpa & juliegpa and averygpagpa2gpa5


gpa and baby pax

Afternoon Scooter Parade

(Click the bold print to be taken to the actual post if you’d like….)

scooter paradepax and gpa

Birthday Bash: 82nd Style

“Did you say 82!?!?!?! When did THAT happen?”


grandpa and grandmaobservingsweetpax

Recent pictures:






A Goodbye is painful, but we can have hope!  Especially when we know, it’s only a matter of time until we will say “Hello!” again.  What a joyful reunion that will one day be, in Heaven…..together as a family again.

Beginnings are usually scary,

Endings are usually sad,

It’s everything in between,

That makes LIFE worth living.

001 (2)

Florida Family & Tangy Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes

I want to start of today’s post with a BIG thank you to Cousin Christy for all her hard work these past 3 days to prepare those freezer cooking posts for us. I LOVED seeing you all get excited about freezer cooking and interact with her.  You are so nice to my family and friends, I just love it! 🙂

  We were blessed to have my Dad and Drea come visit us for a week.  We love it when they come see us!  We KNOW they love us when they leave 81* weather to drive to Kansas JUST in time for our first snow of the season!  (Poor poor freezing Floridians!)

  We had such a great week with them!  We were so busy having fun I got very few photos taken, but here are a few from our week together:

Drea & Avery making Autumn Hugs. Paxton testing out the pretzels.


Pax hard at work unloading the dishwasher.  (Guess its true what they say about little ones learning all they know from watching big sisters and brothers!)

011012big helper

Papa and Avery

255312179_2629611148329_1496862486_2899065_1384041821_n320546_2629604668167_1496862486_2899058_1041997185_nfarmer joour housepaxsaprina

Pax was totally obsessed with Papa & Drea’s dog, Harley. He loved to lay on his tummy next to her and watch/copy her every move.


Another gorgeous sunset, painted by the Creator Himself!


Fun with Daddy in the leaf mountain.




The whole gang



Papa’s buddy


Thank you Dad & Drea, for a fun-filled week! 093

  Drea, you are always such a wonderful help to me in the kitchen and with the children. I love how you jump right in to lend a hand!  Dad, thanks for all you do to help Dale around our property and for helping me get my computer & coupons organized!  The kids ADORE when you guys are here and we can’t wait until we get to see you again.

  Next week, more Florida guests!  How blessed are we?!?!?!


Uncle Chad & Auntie Lauren, coming to KS for the first time as a married couple!  Remember their gorgeous wedding this summer?



  They will bunk up with us this time, since my mom is between homes.  When I say “Bunk up” I do mean Bunk up!!!!  We occupy every square inch of our home, so no cushy guest room here, just the boy’s bunk beds.   Good thing they love us enough to come anyways!  🙂

  I have to come back and add a VERY importnant announcement….

 Chad & Lauren just called us with reallyreally BIG news that couldn’t wait until they came:

They are PREGNANT!!!!!




  I pretty much screamed and then bawled my eyes out when they told me on the phone.  Being a parent is the most amazing job in the whole world!!!!  Their lives are about to change in the most indescribable, incredible ways and they have no idea just how much they will fall in love with those precious babies over & over again. 

  Or, how about just how much their love for each other will grow and change as they love each other as both husband and wife AND mommy and daddy.  This is SO SO SO exciting!

  On to today’s recipe:

  Dale HATES Sloppy Joes, HATES them.  He says they are too sweet and tomato-y.  But alas, I have found THE Sloppy Joe recipe to please both my kids AND my sweet tomato sauce hating hubby.

Tangy Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes


  • 2 pounds Ground Beef
  • 1 whole Onion, Chopped
  • ¼ cups Water
  • 3 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
  • ½ teaspoons Salt
  • ¼ teaspoons Red Pepper Sauce
  • 12 ounces, fluid Chili Sauce
  • 8 whole Wheat Sandwich Buns

Cook beef and onion over medium heat until cooked. Drain.

In a 3 to 4 quart slow cooker, mix beef and remaining ingredients except buns. (I cannot believe sentences like this make cookbooks, but whatever!  Maybe someone, somewhere mixed their buns into this sandwich mix and complained at the lack of instruction?!)

Cover and cook on low heat setting 4 to 6 hours.

  Easy schmeasy and oh-so good! 

  We served this with french onion dip & chips and raw carrots and broccoli.

Happy Slow Cooking & Congrats to my baby bro and his lovely bride on their BIG news! 

 Twice the babies to love = double blessing from above.  We serve a God of DOUBLE portions and extravagant love!!!

Praise His name!


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An Afternoon At the Pumpkin Patch

  Thanks to the generosity of Harvest Farm and a special friend, we were blessed to spend a worry-free afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. 


  This family friendly place offers hay rack rides, a zip line, giant sand box, farm themed playground, huge slide from the hay loft, trike race track, train rides, petting zoo, and so much more.  All friendly Halloween-free fun!


  Harvest Farms is famous for their PUNKINATOR!


(This made me grin because growing up my Daddy always called me his “Punkin”, which is now Destiny’s nickname.) 

  This pumpkin-shooting canon was mounted to an old fire truck.  They were shooting pumpkins nearly half a mile with this puppy!


The kids were scared it was going to be loud, but they soon learned, it wasn’t….it was just TOTALLY COOL! 


Here are the photos of our fun afternoon:


You know you are a mom of 4 when……

Your baby bites the dust, er, straw, and you choose to snap a couple of pictures before swooping in to his rescue.


Poor sweet baby Pax! 🙂


The water stations were really fun!


So were the Corn Cannons!


Paxton: “This corn canon is SO loud!” 

(It really wasn’t, but in baby-land, maybe it is?!)




Hay Bale Maze, which was trampled a bit by the masses that came before us, but the kids had no complaints.  They had a blast climbing and exploring:


This farm was just beautiful!  Made Dale miss the farm days of his youth.  I informed him that this City Girl was perfectly content on our 17 acres, 5 minutes from town: Half Country-Half City, perfect for us!  🙂




Pax having a snack & watching the kids do the Zip Line:

(which was their FAVORITE thing, by the way)



Farm Version of the Yo-yo and a super fun Hay-Loft Slide:





186189 (2)





All that playing made the kids HUNGRY!  Ham & Cheese sandwiches hit the spot.


244HUGE sugar cookies were for dessert…..what a treat!


Paxton is a man of few words, like : Ball and Hot.  But as he sat in this chair, he DISTINCTLY said over and over ‘Rock-rock, rock-rock, rock-rock’ in this precious sing-songy baby voice. He, of COURSE, refused to say it again when Dale came back. 


“Hi guys!”


One last thing before we head home……

This CRAZY trike!


Dale was a SUPER crazy driver and about threw us a couple time with his sharp turns.  Typical male driver, I tell ya!


  Thank you to our “Mailbox Angels” for blessing us with the “Fun Funds” for a much-needed family day!  And thanks again to Danielle of Turon Harvest Farm & Pumpkin Patch, for allowing us the special privilege of being their guests for the afternoon! 


May the Lord richly bless you all for your generosity!

In Christ,

~Tonya for the Ferguson Family


That was fun, Momma! Lets come back again soon!


A Birthday Bash: 82nd Style.

Happy Labor Day! I forgot we all had the day off and went ahead and planned a post for you.

  My Grandpa turned 82 last week, so we decided that was a great reason to get together and celebrate over the long weekend! 

“Did you say 82!?!?!?! When did THAT happen?”


  We enjoyed BBQ ribs, pulled pork, Linguini Oh-Yeah, chips & dips, followed by Grandma’s FAMOUS  chocolate chip cookies and Nana’s nearly as famous, Homemade Peach ice cream made with Colorado Peaches, of course. YUMMO! 






During dessert, Paxton decided to take matters into his own hands and use an Everyone-is-Distracted Moment to help himself to some homemade ice cream…


  Well goodness sakes, how can I be upset looking at a SWEET face like this?


Yes, I let him have some, we all did. Little beggar got his fill, no worries!

After supper the kids BEGGED to play The Game With No Name.  Ok, maybe it has a name, but at the moment I cannot recall it.  I’ll explain it to you instead:

All the grown ups and kids stand in a circle.


  Whoever is “it” takes the ball round and round the circle, sneakily dropping it behind an unsuspecting grown up or kid, then runs….


If you get the ball dropped behind you, you grab it and RUN in the opposite direction of the “it” person, trying to beat them back to their spot.

Hey!!!! It’s kind like Duck Duck Goose expect with a ball and no talking! (Did you see that light bulb moment happen?!  What can I say, I loose brain cells with every pregnancy!)



To say my kids enjoyed The Game With No Name That Is Kinda Like Duck Duck Goose with No Ducking or Goosing, would be a bit of an understatement.  In fact, I am surprised Destiny has a voice left at all as much cheering and screaming she did!


Great Grandpa and Grandma had just run a 5k that day, and their legs hurt, so they decided to sit out. 


Ok, not really, but either way, they had fun watching!


  Time for a few gifts!


  We gave him a Daily Journal called “Grandpa, Tell Me Your Memories…”


  I am so excited to have him fill it out, that man has STORIES like you would not believe!!!!!  And I sure can’t recall them all, you know, with brain cells missing, as previously discussed. This book will be priceless to my kids as they grow up!

  As everyone gathered around the Birthday Boy, I saw an opportunity and called for a Group shot! 

Easy right?!




Close enough! That’s a wrap, people.


Happy 82nd Birthday, Grandpa! We LOVE you!





Yoder Heritage Days & Club House Chicken Squares


  009This weekend was Yoder Heritage Days….a wholesome and fun way to spend a Saturday, at a little Amish town about 20 minutes from us.  The population, at the time of the 2000 census, was 742.  “Quaint” is the best way to describe it!

Saturday dawned sunny and beautiful, but boy, was it sticky! 


  We arrived around 9, but it didn’t take long before everyone was sweaty and flush cheeked.  Here was the schedule for the day:

6 am Pancake and Sausage Feed
8 am Draft Horse Plowing
8 am Vendor Village Opens
8:30-9:30 Darrel Grudbf (Gospel/Bluegrass Band)
9 am Children Games
9:45 – 10:30 Jake Schmidt (Country Gospel)
10:30 am Parade (9 am Parade Entry Check-in Begins)
11:30 – 12:30 Jake Schmidt (Country Gospel)
12:00 Buggy Races
12:00 Kid’s Peddle Pull (State Qualifier)
12:30 – 3:30 Draft Horse Events
1:00 Quilt and Craft Auction
1:00 Antique Tractor Pull
2:30 – 3:30 Nyle Henderson (Cowboy Poetry)
3:30 – 4:30 Arlene Barb (Gospel)
3:30 Horseback Football
4:30 Cattle Sorting
5:00 pm Drawing for Quilt
5:00 – 7:00 Miller’s Mule (Bluegrass band)
5:30 Horse Fun Show
7:30 – throughout the evening Aaron Yoder (Country Gospel)
Dusk – Fireworks!!!

Fun, right?!  We have never gotten there much before 9:30 am and we’ve never stayed through fireworks.  We keep saying “Someday” when the kids are older we’ll stay all day, or at least go back for the evening festivities, but at this age? We usually do 1 walk through, the parade, and eat lunch before calling it quits.

  Here are some photos of our day:


Look at all those tractors, a lot of Amish families choose to leave their horse and buggies at home and drive these instead. See the trailer in back? 051

That’s for the family to ride in!



There was lots to see!



  The kids were invited to be in the parade this year: Destiny and Avery in Uncle Dan’s ‘64 Impala, and Tylan on his Great, great Grandpa Schrock’s tractor that he bought brand new way back in the day.  He rode with Great Uncle Larry who comes from Georgia just about every year for this event!  How special!


Pax spotted them right away!



“Hey you, way up there, lets go eat!”


  As soon as the parade was through, it was time to feed the kiddies.  Dale’s Aunt Lucy and Uncle Phil had a stand there featuring their free range chickens.  Freshly butchered of course.  It was DELICIOUS! And no, once again I did not remember to snap a shot before partaking of my meal.  Hey, I had hungry little ones to deal with!!! 🙂  It was a grilled BBQ chicken quarter, awesome secret recipe baked beans, homemade potato salad and a Strawberry lemonade.  The kids had BBQ chicken sliders or Pronto pups.  YUM-O!  The line to their food tent was LOOONG, we are hoping it was a blessed day for them!


  We quick grabbed snow cones and got out of there before we started losing kids.  Losing as in, getting grumpy, not losing as in “Where is Avery?” although with these crowds it was possible! 


    It was such a great day, and a fun tradition we look forward to continuing each year! (We missed last year due to Paxton just being born, but we’d gone the 8 years before that.)

  Before I go, I have a summer recipe to share with you. Gotta get these to you quick before September.  I usually transition to more casserole type dishes then, followed by soups and comfort food in October! YUMMMMMMM! 

We make this EVERY summer……simple, fresh and easy!

Club House Chicken Squares


  • 2 packages (8 Oz. Each) Refrigerated Crescent Rolls
  • 8 ounces, weight Cream Cheese, softened
  • 2 Tablespoons Mayonnaise
  • 1 whole Small Garlic Clove, Pressed
  • 1 teaspoon Dill Weed
  • 1 can (10 Oz) Chunk White Chicken, Drained And Flaked (I Just Cooked And Cubed 2 Chicken Breasts)
  • ½ whole Cucumber
  • 2 whole Plum Tomatoes
  • 1 cup Shredded Cheese
  • 1 package (4 oz ) Bacon Bits

Preheat oven to 375° F.

Unroll one package of crescent rolls across one end of a Pampered Chef bar pan or sprayed jelly roll pan, with longest sides of dough across the width of the pan. Repeat with other package. Seal the perforations and press up the sides to form a crust.

Bake 12-15 minutes, till golden, then remove to stackable cooling rack and cool completely.

Mix mayonnaise, cream cheese, dill and pepper until smooth. Spread over crust. Sprinkle remaining ingredients over cream cheese. Cut and serve.

  We usually eat this for supper with corn on the cob, but it’d be a really great appetizer for a party, too!

Happy Monday to you!


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