Some Paxton Firsts

  Hopefully you aren’t getting tired of Paxton Posts, but come on people, he is my LAST little Ferguson, and this first year is so full of fun stages, just bear with me, ok?!

  Paxton has experienced a few firsts lately….

Like Avocados for instance. 

  Great choice for babies, easy to prepare, rich in protein, provides all of the essential amino acids, is an excellent source of vitamins and is considered a healthy fat to boot.  Sold! 

  So, will he go for it??????


  Yeah, not so much. 

  I usually do 1 food for the week to really allow baby to get used to it, but I ran out of fresh avocado after this, and we will just have to wait until the next trip to the grocery store to try again.  Lucky him!

  Another first was the beautiful weather we had last week!  We took him outside to play with us, rather than leaving him sleeping inside with the monitor on.  I plopped him in the baby swing without much to-do about it.  He was a bit shocked at first.


Then got so mellow he about fell asleep.


  Well, not being one to give in to sleep THAT easily, he quickly remedied the situation by grabbing the rope, and pulling himself to a sitting position.


   At that point, he decided the rope looked delicious and tried desperately to put it in his mouth, to no avail.


The other side didn’t reach his mouth either.


  About that time he gave up, leaned back and just grinned:

“You’re funny mommy! Why do you always have that black clicky thing in front of your face?”


  Another first we’ve recently experienced is quite sacred…..passed down from generation to genera…..

 No that’s a lie.  But we’ve done this with each child as they grow hair…….

It’s the “Unca Chad Fo-hawk” in honor of their favorite Floridian Uncle.


(Let’s just hope they don’t start LOOKING like him!)






  Ok, ok, you are right, that’s not a fohawk.  That’s Tylan after his big sister played “Barbie Beauty Salon” with him.  But for real, he wore a fohawk for quite some time until his curls came in, and it was darling.  Please don’t make me go dig out an album and scan it, just TRUST me!



  Again, not really the official fohawk picture, but it’s good enough, RIGHT?! See how the wind is kinda blowing it into a fohawk? Squint your eyes…see, told ya!We did her fohawk picture in the tub, like big sister’s, but again, I don’t wanna go find it. (it’s LATE people, I need my beauty sleep)  {no smart comments here}

    Paxton’s first fohawk….. 6 months old. 


My little sweet cheeks!  I just wanna smooch him, MUAH!