Friday Feature: FREE Vitamins

All the people need Life Long Vitality Vitamins!

doTERRA is known for their essential oils but the #1 selling product that is a total game changer isn’t even an essential oil!! So, it’s one thing to have a pulse. It’s an entirely different thing to wake up…

💪🏼 feeling good
💃🏼 moving without pain
😴 rested
🙂 experiencing that “normal” happy emotion, rather than waves of paranoia and anxiety.

Simply having the capacity it takes to do your life – working, playing, sleeping, eating – is pretty much how I describe wellness. It means you aren’t hindered. Good health is not the goal of our lives, but every goal we have requires good health! That’s where LLV comes in. Lifelong Vitality is about a lifestyle of preventive wellness.

And it’s your baseline for nutritional support and the very first place to start as a protocol for ANYTHING chronic.

Cellular health
Nutritional potholes
Unexplainable fatigue
Digestive issues
Ongoing skin problems

…and simply just eating an American diet in 2017, no matter how “clean” you get.

Think of all the nutrients your body absolutely ADORES. Think of all the things your body knows exactly what to do with: vitamins, minerals, fish oils, herbs and essential oils. That’s what LLV is! And it’s in a form that dissolves in your body and is ready to be put to good use.

Come learn how to get them for FREEEEEE!

Hugs, T

July Friday Feature: Breathe

I want to be a bit more intentional with you all, in posting the educational videos I make for my team!

Short, sweet and to the point……or rambling and comical, but whatever right?!  I mean well! 😉

Come on over to the new RV Oilers blog, where we share our adventures and life on the road, as well as oil education once in a while!!!!!

This months video is on Breathe oil, which is great for all things lungs and breathing.  We call it the marriage saver for snorers, and we love to have athletes use it to improve their performance. Oxygen brings LIFE to the body!

Hugs, T

Friday Feature: Melaleuca Touch & Deep Blue

I have so much to teach you about today!  Check out this video, then come on over to to learn more.

I’d love to help you get $95 worth of Deep Blue for FREE this month! It will change your life as it has for so many others who have learned to live with chronic pain.

There are natural and better ways….let me help!
Hugs, T