Sweet South Carolina

Because of our unexpected stop in Florida, we got to see TWO family friends in South Carolina on our way back up to our original trek.  I love how the Lord works in the details!

In addition to blogging these visits with friends, I am so excited to share the Billy Graham Library with you.  It was as moving as a powerful church service and is a MUST SEE if you are ever in Charlotte, NC!!!!!


Go see!  New blog post: Sweet South Carolina

Hugs, T



Hey there, ‘Bama

  We arrived in Alabama, first time ever to actually STAY here instead of pass through, and I feel like we are parked at Old McDonalds Farm RV Park.  We have never stayed at an RV park with it’s own petting zoo, it was DARLING!!!!


Sophie went head to head with a goat, I think the goat won, but come on over and check out our Alabama trip on the blog today:

Hey There, ‘Bama

Hugs, T

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas……

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….INSIDE the Rv, but not OUT!  🙂

It’s sunny and gorgeous, but we still got in the Christmas spirit and got our decor up.  Yes, we have a tree in the RV!  Travel themed, of course….


Come see me….


Hugs, T

NEW Rv Oilers Website!!!!!

Hi 4 little Ferguson friends!  It’s been a long long time, hasn’t it!?  I am back for just a moment to clean out the draft bin, thus the new random posts and yummo recipes you just now got to see, and to tell you about a new exciting website we have launched TODAY.

We can now be found at http://www.RVoilers.com, and there is even a blog tab!

facebook timeline

NOW, before you get excited, please hear me, that I am not ready to blog full time again, but when I have something to share, that is where we will be writing about our latest adventures!  hee hee 🙂

Come on over and check it out, I miss you!

Hugs, T

2 motorhomes later….life has changed a bit from a vacation mobile to a full time home on wheels! 🙂