The Start of a New Look!

A couple of summers ago, we got Destiny new “big girl” bedding from PB Teen for her birthday present.

She was using my day bed and dressers from when I was a kid, but once Avery was old enough to need her own bed, we decided to get the girls bunk beds.


  We sold the day bed, and found the black bunks I wanted.  Praise the Lord we were able to find them for the exact price we sold the day bed for!! 

  The top bunk still needs a comforter, but I am holding out for another sale someday down the road when cash is more readily available! There is a super cute paisley one Destiny picked out that is the exact swatch from this other comforter that now resides on Avery’s bed.


I thought it’d be fun to spray paint my old dresser and chest of drawers black to match the bunks. Well, what I WANT to do, and what I can actually accomplish these days, are two VERY different things.  I was a bit scared of the paint not adhering properly to the fake finish on my 1980’s dresser, so I chickened out.  (its particle board under fake cherry finish)  Someday we will purchase black furniture for the girls, but for now, this will totally work!


  I wanted to change the look of the dresser a bit, so tonight, we took a mirror we’ve had just lying around forever and put it above the dresser.  (GRrrrr! The Before pics are NOT supposed to turn out nice than the After.  Just trust me? It’s BETTER than the old way in real life!)016
(See my sweet little Avery all ready for naps?)

  You can’t tell it from the picture, but it totally opened the space up and actually makes that room feel bigger!  Craziest thing!

  Dale, being the crafty man he is, also built the girls cubbies for their Bible’s, journals, treasures and Destiny’s alarm clock.  He cut old white shoe shelves and spray painted them black and attached them to the wall at the foot of each bed.  So crafty I tell you!

They turned out GREAT!!!!

Destiny’s  cubbie                            Avery’s cubbie (which is now full of stuffed animals)


To go with the new black theme, we also changed some of the white décor with the help of a can of black spray paint we found lying around the shed.





I am very pleased that this room is starting to become what I’ve wanted it to be all along……..and with no money out of pocket! SCORE! 🙂


Except one thing.  A BIG thing……



 This wallpaper has been in this room for 9 1/2 years now. It is well past time to get it out of there!  Again, who has time for this nonsense though?!  Not me! Not right now anyways.  We do have colors picked out for our “someday” project: tangerine and hot pink.


The colors are so off in these shots, here are the paint samples in natural window light, they match her bedding perfectly.



I dream of Tangerine walls and hot pink walls with big circle decals.  SOMEDAY.




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