I {Heart} Library Day

  I love, love, LOVE to read and want my kids to be good readers too.  We promote this by limiting TV time to an hour a day, and requiring quiet reading (or looking at pictures if you can’t read yet) every day during nap time. 

  I could go on to list 1,001 reason that I love Library Day, but I am pretty sure the photo below says more than I could ever articulate:

Do you hear that?

SILENCE, except for the occasional turned page.


Where is Paxton you ask?  Oh making mischief I am sure.  Let me go find him…..

“Paxton!  What are you doing on the train table?!  And why must you destroy the kids Nativity set everyday?” 


  Guess its time I put down the camera and go read Paxton some books………

I {heart} reading!  🙂



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