Call Me Lazy….

  I am too pooped to party today, so call me Lazy, but I am going to do a bit of a cheater post. 

  See my sweet baby? 

Oops, that’s not why I shared this photo….

  I meant, see my owie wrist?  Who knew that editing photo sessions for hours on end could re-trigger on old college injury?!  And shooting a wedding all day Saturday could make it even more sore? 

  Soooooo, instead of typing out the 2 recipes I want to share, I am just going to send you to the recipe originators.  Ok?

  Recipe 1:

Southwestern Chicken Pizza

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From Becca at Crumbs and Chaos

  Avocado, cilantro, jalapenos, and shredded chicken, all on a pizza! How can you go wrong?  Head on over to Crumbs and Chaos, check it out and tell those sweet sisters Tonya sent ya.

Sw Chicken Pizza (5)

Sw Chicken Pizza (1)

IMG_3814Before I go on to dessert, you’ve gotta check out these photos.   Dale was making the pizza dough for me since I wasn’t home yet, and he was letting Paxton “help”.


Nice.  Guess we’ll be needing new jammies.  AND to get out the vacuum.

  Next up, a yummy dessert from my friend, Holly at Life as A Lofthouse.  If you have a sweet tooth ,than this is the dessert for you. It will seriously make your teeth curl it’s sooooo sweet and yummy.  Cut them small, or you’ll make yourself sick!

White Chocolate Marshmallow Cake Bars

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from Holly at Life as A Lofthouse

White Choc. Marsh bars (1)

Make these recipes, and soon!  Thanks girls for letting me share your yummy pizza and bars!

Off I go to edit a bazillion more photos.



Oops, I meant…..