Mulberry Picking, Mower Races & A Simple Summer Supper

  Thanks for letting me have a break yesterday.  Phew, it was a crazy day.  The worst part of the vacation has to be either the drive home, or the pile of laundry, bills and phone call messages to swim through.  I have lots of photos to share from our Colorado trip, but I am going to need some time to weed through them.  So instead, you are getting some “Summer Snaps” from life at the Ferguson household………

  We have Mulberry trees the grow all over our back yard.  They make a terrible mess, the chickens eat them and poo purple, and the kids get them all over their shoes.  {Which is why there is a STRICT no play shoes in the house rule!} 

  But, boy are they sweet and yummy and FREEEEEEEE!  We pop em in our mouths, green stem and all, and they are delicious.  Every once in a while, when I am feeling generous, I let the kids have them on a teeny tiny dollop of Breyer’s Vanilla ice cream. 

  Yeah, I am cool like that.  😉

  Next time we will wait to do our Mulberry gathering until Daddy comes home, so he can help us do the ol’ shake the tree with a clean sheet under it trick.  It took forever our way!  But our harvest sure tasted good!

mulberry collage censored

  I censored the following photo for the safety of my kiddos, after some perv stole a picture of Destiny fully clothed sitting on her new bedspread, we try err on the side of caution on the blog now.  The bottom right photo was of Paxton’s berry stained buns.  It was interesting to me, that when I posted the uncensored pic on my personal page, which to me feels safe, I got turned into Facebook, who removed the collage!  {sigh}  Some people!

  Do you know how many bathtub pictures and naked baby pictures I see on my newsfeed everyday? And I never once reported them.  OH! And don’t even get me started on the scantily clad women in the ads on my sidebar.

Oh well.  What can you do? 

  Moving on….

  We recently sold our John Deer mower to get a Grasshopper mower, but before we got rid of it, we held some MOWER RACES.  Guess who won?

Yup, this girl. 

  What do you mean Grasshoppers are naturally faster than John Deers?

FIIIINE, you are right, but it was still fun to lap slow traffic a couple of times. 

  After that, poor, poor, sad Paxton did not WANT to ride on the green mower anymore.  He had to wait his turn to ride with Daddy on the Grasshopper.

  As you can see by the photo below, he was not feeling it……

  Gotta love my almost 3-year-old!  We don’t call ‘em “The Trying Threes” for nothing!

mower races

  Last but not least, I re-photographed an oldie but goodie simple summer staple around here.  I enjoy seeing the changes in my photography as I learn more.  You know what they say, the only photographer you should compare yourself to, is YOU!

Potato Stick Chicken Salad

2011’s shot 



2013’s shot


YAY! Improvement!  It’s so fun to work hard, and see growth.

  Now go make that salad, it’s a favorite!

Hugs, T

Mulberry Madness

  It’s that time of year again….

  The time where we have to be SUPER careful to take off our shoes before coming inside, since THIS is what we are walking on outside:


A carpet of Mulberries 

And this, is how my kids come in after play time, which turns into snack time in our all-you-can-eat Outdoor Buffet:



  Oh well, I can’t complain, they all love Mulberries and it’s a healthy choice.  Pax had 4 helpings tonight!  They are so nice and soft for near-toothless little ones. 026


  So this may be TMI, but as you know, Mulberries stain little baby hands and faces……but, did you know that um, as time passes, the other end gets stained purple too?!  Just call him “Purple-hiney Paxton”!

Huh, you learn something new everyday!


  What a blessing to have such good little berry pickers, and you sure can’t go wrong with free fruit! 🙂


P.S.  Guess who took his first steps last night?


Sorry they are blurred, that kid was really movin’, and this momma couldn’t get her act together fast enough!



Remembered to switch to flash…..there we go! 

BIG boy!


After an exhausted week of this:







004And this, from his mean old teeth trying to come in!  (4 at once, ouch!)


  It was nice to see him happy and more like his old go-get ‘em self. 


{Sniff-sniff} Have I mentioned my last baby is growing up WAY too fast?


All done, daddy! That was exhausting!